CrazyEngineers V.6.0.2 - SEO Fix

Published on Jan 26, 2023 • 13.6k views

Following changes were included in the latest fix -

  1. All the internal links were restored.
  2. The internal links that were resulting into 404 were eliminated.
  3. All the external links that were pointing to dead pages were eliminated.
  4. All the external, high-quality links are now 'follow' links.
  5. All the other links are marked 'nofollow noreferrer' by default.


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Recent updates

  1. Complete rewrite of CrazyEngineers codebase from scratch.
  2. Replaced homepage with CE global feed.
  3. Introduced multiple content types, each with its own index and display
  4. Introduced basic on-page SEO.
  1. Introduced AI search - available from all pages of site
  2. Indexed all archived content as well as new content
  3. Introduced 'Announcements' content type
  1. Fine-tuned CrazyEngineers search index.
  2. Introduced social-sharing option on each card
  3. Fixed issue with News indexing
  4. Fixed 'title' tag for News
  1. Introduced 'Changelog' - aka $this content type! 😉
  2. Fixed asset compilation error.
  3. Added markdown support to news, announcements and changelog cards.
  1. Fixed CRON issues. Archived threads are now auto-pushed to the main feed for more visibility.
  2. Fixed issue with incorrect timestamp that resulted into incorrect publishing times.
  3. Updated News index meta