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Latest updates and behind the scenes information by team CrazyEngineers

Feature Announcement: Best Reply

Top ranked members of CrazyEngineers can now pick up a best answer from the discussion. The reply ow...
13 January, 2020

Introducing CrazyEngineers Invitation System

It's now super easy to invite your friends to CrazyEngineers. When they join, you receive 100 points...
26 December, 2019

Quizzr Anytime : Play Quizzes Anytime You Want

We are excited to launch Quizzr Anytime - that lets you play our past quizzes anytime you want. Shar...
16 December, 2019

CrazyEngineers Global Ranking System Explained

CrazyEngineers global ranking system for engineer establishes a common ground for all engineers to c...
15 December, 2019

CrazyEngineers Global Remote Internship Program Announced

CrazyEngineers Global Remote Internship Program is inviting applications. Deadline is 15 Dec '19 an...
12 December, 2019

Is It The Calm Before The Storm?

After weeks of silence at CrazyEngineers, we're all set to storm with upgraded CrazyEngineers. Find...
22 October, 2019

How Quizzr Works - Explained

In this post, we explain how Quizzr - our online multiplayer quizzing application works.
1 August, 2019

The Quizzr Is Coming

Our most ambitious app - 'Quizzr' is coming soon. Here's a quick update on what to expect.
14 July, 2019

Feature Update : Notification Mails for Unread Conversations

We've just launched a small feature - We'll now send you a notification email when you have unread c...
21 June, 2019

Hello Conversations @ CrazyEngineers!

We pushed one of our biggest updates to CrazyEngineers and it's got lot of awesomeness. Let us tell...
3 June, 2019

Discussions and Groups Apps are Merging Soon

An update about the next major rollout as we merge two important apps.
12 May, 2019

Delays Are Awesome (For A Reason)

A little bit of delay is awesome - for everyone. Let us tell you why.
3 May, 2019
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