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How A Few Ignored Emails Cost Us Thousands Of Registrations

Google decided to shut down their Google+ API; and informed users about it. Ignoring their notifications led to loss of several hundreds sign-ups.
Kaustubh Katdare · 7 April, 2019
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We are just done fixing an apparently minor 'bug' that actually cost us thousands of new user registrations. More than the bug, the actual reason was that we ignored very important notifications from Google. Let me explain.

On December 21, Google sent us an email that Google+ APIs are shutting down and those who are using it for various applications should migrate to the new implementations of the API. They had offered March 7, 2019 deadline for the API to go down and asked the developers to take immediate action.

Unfortunately, the mail got lost in the pile of other notifications - and we failed to take action. Google sent the notification thrice after that; with the last and final notification sent on March 5, 2019. 

We ignored all of those notifications! ? 


People could only login to the site; but not sign up! I checked the API graphs and it looks like the API continued to work for several days after March 7, 2019; but it wasn't available all the times. I believe Google finally shut down the API around March 22nd and since then no user could sign up on CrazyEngineers with Google!

We discovered the issue yesterday while browsing through the error-logs to fix a sitemap related issue; and found that there were several entries in our log files that showed some issue with Google+ sign-in. Further investigation led to the discovery of the problem.

The fix was easy and we simply had to migrate to the new API. However, we estimate that we lost several thousand new users because of this issue. 

If you are using Google+ in any of your web projects or apps; make sure that you've migrated to the new API. 

Have you ever experienced similar situation or issue? Share it with us below via comments.

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