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Discussions and Groups Apps are Merging Soon

An update about the next major rollout as we merge two important apps.
Ankita Katdare · 12 May, 2019
Rank A1 - PRO

In what will be our next major rollout, the Discussions app and Groups app are merging to become one super duper new app. The new app will have some of the best features of the existing apps + a bunch of cool stuff we have planned for our members.

Why are we merging the two apps?

While the Discussions app was helpful for users to post discussions, ask questions and get answers, we felt that there was a need to de-clutter that space. Readers visiting would find random topics pop up one below the other since there was no way to customise their feed.

That's the reason we built 'Groups' app, where users could choose the groups they wanted to join. This way they would only see the discussions/questions from the field they were interested in. 

While both apps have been running smoothly, we realised that there was no need to have two separate spaces that serve the same purpose.

Therefore, we have decided to merge the two apps to bring the best of both worlds.

Moving Forward

In the days to come, CrazyEngineers members will see a plethora of changes in different aspects of the site. Right from offering a personalised experience to all users to new apps that will not only help enhance your skills but also offer new challenges (~ Get ready to rack your brains).

That's a teaser for now.
Exciting times ahead, folks! Stay tuned.

Comments, Feedback and Questions

Excited about the launch of the new update. Groups and Discussions are now one entity. Check it out here: