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Coming Soon : The CrazyEngineers Projects Bank

The CrazyEngineers Projects Bank aims to provide a global platform to showcase your projects and sell them to engineers who might be looking for inspiration.
Kaustubh Katdare · 9 March, 2019
Rank A1 - PRO

We're just done creating a prototype of the Projects Bank web-app. Unless there are any blockers, we expect to take the projects bank live in the coming week. The launch will happen in two phases. 

Phase 1: We'll on-board interesting engineering projects created by fellow engineers and engineering students. 

Phase 2: Each project will be manually reviewed and approved. Once approved, the project will be available for all engineers to view and perhaps buy it from the creator. 

The Projects Bank was on our to-do list for a long time. Engineering students work on engineering projects as mandatory part of their curriculum. However, most of these projects go unnoticed.


A Global Platform to Showcase Your Engineering Project

There are two main goals of the CrazyEngineers Projects Bank. First - to offer a global platform for all the engineering projects created by engineers around the world to showcase their creations. Second - to allow them to buy / sell the projects and learn from them. 

We hope that the projects bank will serve as a high-quality reference for all engineering projects. Stay tuned for updates on the CrazyEngineers Projects Bank. Your questions and comments are welcome through the comments below.

Comments, Feedback and Questions

So , in case of projects which has some code in it , We can provide a short description and git link ? will that do? 

The onus of shipping the project lies with the project owner as CrazyEngineers is not involved in the transaction. GIT link may lead to unnecessary copy of the code. The interested buyer may request a link to code or sample screenshot if they want to have a look before they make a purchase.