Announcing CrazyEngineers Connections + Speed Upgrade

By CrazyEngineers Staff on 19 February, 2019

We are super happy and excited to launch the latest feature on CrazyEngineers -

Connections 👍 

Connections is one of the most important features we were working on since past few weeks and it has now been made available to everyone on CrazyEngineers. 

What are connections anyway?

With connections, you can send a connection request to any other member of CE and if they accept your connection, you two get connected. 

This is an important feature that forms the basis of several upcoming features on CrazyEngineers. 

How to Send A Connection Request?

As of now with Connections β (0.8) we have added a new button to the profile. In order to view other member's connections, you must be connected to them. 

Please be aware that this is the beta version of Connections and we suspect there might be a few bugs. Do help us discover them so that we can fix them on priority. 

In other news -

CrazyEngineers just got speed upgrade - Did you notice it?

In what can be called the biggest speed upgrade yet on the site, CrazyEngineers should now officially be among the top 5% of speediest sites in the world. 

The official test results are quite encouraging.

One of the biggest change you could notice is that we switched back to the old font we used to have - Verdana (on Desktops) and defaults to System fonts on Android and iOS. 

This was a necessary step before we launch our next big, and much awaited 'thing'.
Till then, stay connected, CEans! 👍 

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Comments, Feedback and Questions

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