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Coming from a family of doctors and engineers, Rishav Singh was born in India and brought up in Jeddah. During his graduation Telecommunications Engineering from PESIT, Bangalore, he met quite a few like-minded people and started brainstorming about different business ideas and how they...​
Hailing from Patna, the capital of Bihar where every other student either prepares for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) or other government jobs, Sushant Kumar grew up in a middle class household where business was not the topic of daily conversations. On the backdrop of such...​
After getting his degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2011, Bharath Hegde started a company called FourKubes with his college friend. After making it successful, in January 2015, Bharath co-founded another company called 'Inertia...
An Electronics and Telecommunications engineer by degree, Ganesh Pai, graduated from the University of Mumbai after which he worked at various organizations like Mastek, SP Financial Services, CRISIL, Tutor Vista before setting up 'Don't Memorise' in November 2012. Although he is a...
A hard-core Delhiite, Ruchi Kalra was brought up a single child in a middle-class Punjabi family. She went on to study Chemical Engineering from IIT Delhi and then worked at Evalueserve, Gurgaon for a couple of years before doing an MBA from ISB, Hyderabad. From there, she joined McKinsey...​
Ajit Paigrahi grew up in a middle-class family with both his parents working Government jobs and was sent to boarding school at a very young age. At boarding school, he had to be self-driven and accountable for his decision, two key factors that Ajit believes really helped him become a first-gen...
Growing up in a small town called Kumbla (the same place that the top cricketer Mr. Anil Kumble hails from), Ganesh Bhat became a cricket fanatic. He lived the sport through his entire school life. However, something inside him changed when he saw that many artists from his town created...
Growing up in a farm town called Beausejour in Manitoba, Canada, Matthew Zeiler knew that he wanted to become an entrepreneur some day. His small town did not witness a tech scene or many large businesses, so it was television that inspired Matthew to see big things happen. With his father...​
Like many Indian entrepreneurs, Nitin Agrawal hails from a small town called Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh. His father owns a Paints and Home improvement business, while his mother is a homemaker. Youngest among three brothers, Nitin went on to pursue engineering in IT branch from SRM...​
Haripriya Bhagat and Bhavin Bhagat both hail from business families. While Haripriya grew up in Mumbai, Bhavin spent his childhood in Ahmedabad. Haripriya completed his B.Com. and M.Com. from Mumbai with further education in MSc in International Finance (UK) and professional qualification...​