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Growing up in a farm town called Beausejour in Manitoba, Canada, Matthew Zeiler knew that he wanted to become an entrepreneur some day. His small town did not witness a tech scene or many large businesses, so it was television that inspired Matthew to see big things happen. With his father...​
Like many Indian entrepreneurs, Nitin Agrawal hails from a small town called Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh. His father owns a Paints and Home improvement business, while his mother is a homemaker. Youngest among three brothers, Nitin went on to pursue engineering in IT branch from SRM...​
Haripriya Bhagat and Bhavin Bhagat both hail from business families. While Haripriya grew up in Mumbai, Bhavin spent his childhood in Ahmedabad. Haripriya completed his B.Com. and M.Com. from Mumbai with further education in MSc in International Finance (UK) and professional qualification...​
Frank L. Bennardo, P.E. is the Founder & President of Engineering Express® - a company that specializes in technology-driven systemization of component designs. Himself a Board Certified Professional Structural Engineer with licenses in 21 states in the US, Frank grew up watching his grandfather...
Born to a father, who is an Anesthesiologist and a mother, a Gynaecologist in a small town called Guna in Madhya Pradesh, Mudit Vijayvergiya, as many believed, was destined to become a doctor. However, life had different plans for him. A learner at heart, Mudit found his inspiration in sports...
Born in Kannauj - the perfume capital of India, in a family that runs the manufacturing business of essential oils, aromatherapy oils & attars, Swapnil Pathak graduated as a Electronics & Telecommunications engineer from Pune. As her startup dream did not involve the subjects taught in...​
Being an army-kid, Sandeep Mittal spent most of his childhood days travelling across the country and enjoying the cantonment life to the hilt. After completing his engineering from VIT Pune, Sandeep went for an MBA in Marketing from IIM Calcutta. He wanted to take up a job at a TELCO, as...​
Anoop Goyal grew up in a middle-class family in the peaceful town of Bhilai, the township based on the SAIL Steel Plant, where his father worked his entire career, while his mother was a school teacher. Both his parents instilled the values of hard work and good education, right from his...​
Abhinav Asthana grew up in small towns across Uttar Pradesh, thanks to his civil engineer father who worked at the Public Works Department in a job that demanded frequent transfers. However, despite his civil engineering background, Abhinav's father was very interested in computers and he...​
Born to parents who were both teachers in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Rachana Bagde became a sincere and quiet child - the first bench student whose work would always be complete, homework done on time, having full attendance and participating in every co-curricular activity. She was never known...​