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Which programming language should one learn first?

Discussion in 'Computer Science | IT | Networking' started by Kaustubh Katdare, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Kaustubh Katdare


    In my times, almost everyone began with C programming language. But I do know a lot of people who started with programming with BASIC and even FORTRAN & PASCAL. Today, the choice of languages is wider with rapid application building languages like Ruby making its way to developer community. If you were to recommend a programming language to an engineering student who's completely new to the world of coding, which programming language would you recommend and why?
  2. lovejeet

    lovejeet Addict

    c++ can be a first language. Reasons are that
    1) it is an easy language.
    2) It is an object oriented language so the concept of oops can be easily learned.
    3) other languages can be very easily learned with c++ as a base, such as java, c#, .net etc.
    In many of the schools c++ is taught as an optional subject in 11th and 12th like KV schools.
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  3. I am not sure, if this is appropriate answer, but I believe before learning language, one should rather learn How to define logic

    Doesn't matter if you know a number of languages but if you don't know how to draw a basic flowchart, that we learn in class 6th, then it is not of any value

    To be specific , I will say c++, it is basic, and has everything to learn programming concepts
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    #3 Manish Goyal, Dec 6, 2013
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2013
  4. Ajay Pandey

    Ajay Pandey Enthusiast

    As my experience to learn any language is very easy but to learn basics is very difficult.
    First of all basic C then basic Object Oriented concepts and after that C++ and then again Object oriented concepts in deep (because without OOPS knowledge cannot design good application) and then core java,j2ee,hibernate,struts 2.0,spring......whatever u like …………..:)
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  5. Kaustubh Katdare


    Logic of course is a basic must (foundation) for any programming language. Because programming language itself is just a representation of the logic using keywords specific to that language. I'm surprised C didn't pop-up as a recommendation because it's always been the most basic, structured programming language. But interesting to see all the responses. I'm looking for Java and PHP as recommended languages to begin your programming journey.
  6. This pretty much sums up the question.

    If the thought process is established, languages are just matter of syntax.
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  7. In my opinion one must start with C (as in my case this proved beneficial for me to learn programming).When I took admission in IT i was absolutely ignorant about the field and somehow managed to pass in c++.But then in vacations I went through c concepts and my base got so clear that now I'm enjoying programming.
    yes,logic is a must ,but understanding basics is much needed and often ignored by most..
    Summary: one must start with c-level languages to grasp the basics . :thumbsup:
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  8. I will counter this question with Which language you spoke first. May be your mother tongue! and which language you knew before that?

    Actually any language - vernacular or computer is collection words. We may call them by keywords when it comes to a computer language. Then there are certain rules we need to follow to make phrases / sentences. We may call them clauses when it comes to computer languages. The rules are called grammar for vernacular languages. We may call the same thing as syntax when it comes to computer languages.

    So what I am trying to argue is - why the question should arise at all? You may start with any computer language. Many of the members here have suggested C, C++, Basic etc to start with. Really in my case I directly started with Oracle SQL and PL/SQL which I am expert in. I studied them directly and even now I don't know any of the recommended languages here in previous posts. So my argument stems from my own experience. And this was same same argument I forwarded to myself when I started studying Oracle SQL and PL/SQL.

    I agree with those authors saying "logic" is the most important part of programming, that is subject which may be learned but not taught. And the same is present in every sane person. So I also believe anybody, almost anybody, irrespective of education background can start learning programming in any language he likes.
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  9. In my opinion, I think one should start with Python.

    1. Python is one of the few languages where readability of the code is one of the most features of it. Python code looks like pseudo-code and even people with no exposure to python can read chunks of python code and understand what is going on.

    2. Many US universities now have their Introduction to Computer Science class with Python as their language preference.

    Can't think of more reasons but this cartoon sums it up ... ;)

  10. My school syllabus made me start with BASIC as said by @Kaustubh Katdare sir. I believe that starting with C would also be good for concepts and developing logic. I too agree with @Jason Estibeiro about Python.
  11. Python is pretty easy to learn but lacks the C-ish syntax structure. It is recommendable for the following:

    1. Simulation packages like MATLAB, Scilab, etc. use Python-ish syntax.

    2. As @Jason Estibeiro pointed out, code readability is dramatically increased with Python allowing programmers to use 10% of the code required by other languages, such as C.

    3. Python lets you focus on skills rather than syntax; since python syntax is pretty much intuitive.

    4. Huge standard library.

    5. Python's interpreter allows feature testing while writing programs. this allows the programmer to test parts of code in real-time and change them for the desired results without compiling the entire code.

    Having said that the choice for first programming language depends on individual goals, job opportunities, job sector, etc.
  12. Sushant Kumar

    Sushant Kumar Apprentice

    As c is the mother of all languages it should be learnt first and after that we can choose to study any language .Many believe that c and c++ are same and c++ is advanced so we should study the advanced version rather than going for the basic version but that thought is fully wrong
  13. sookie

    sookie Addict

    If you love knowing more inside happening of machines with a program start with C and machine languages but if you want to take traditional way of programming with C to some new innovative level try to explore advanced languages (e.g. Java my all time favorite). At the end, in programming only logical thinking matters more than language.
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  14. Preetika

    Preetika Apprentice

    According to me,,,,first the person must have the logic building ability,,,,,,then any language he/she can easily understand and implement.
    otherwise.......c,c++ as basic languages to startup with.......and,,php........python....etc....can easily be understood
  15. moksh

    moksh Apprentice

    I started With , then it was C then C++ then Java and then More java.. :thumbsup:
  16. avii

    avii Ace

    Python, always.
  17. Logic is important as mentioned earlier, but understanding the logic using a language makes it appropriate for a person to learn other languages easily as after learning a language one can make comparisons with the first language he/she learned.
    In my opinion one should learn C first then concepts of OOP then C++. After that you can learn any language easily.
  18. omkaradg

    omkaradg Newbie

    Everyone should start with c, its easy to learn and mother of almost all languages.
    Then c++ for understanding oops concept. Once your c and c++ are strong you will not have any language barrier.
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  19. Nisam

    Nisam Apprentice

    Hi guys..,

    Programming logic is important.. if you have logical idea in programming, you can choose any programming language or switch from one language to any other languages.. :)

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  20. Vidisha Singh

    Vidisha Singh Apprentice

    Hello sir,
    I want to kno which one is better to learn according to demand of
    Market , java or php.
: C++, Java, PHP, PERL, Python

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