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Where Do You Live ? ;)

Discussion in 'The Café - General Discussions On Everything' started by Abhishek Rawal, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. Abhishek Rawal


    Tell us in comments below where do you live from map below ;)

    Image credit :
    I have four homes in this world - Arch Land, Suse lake, Android sea & Great communist empire of Ubuntu. However, I have travelled to almost every place on this beautiful world expect Pinguystan, Moonostan, Pardustan, Mepisia & Xandros.
    Hardest place to live among all was the forbidden land of Gentoo!

    What about you ? ;)
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  2. Pradeep Somu

    Pradeep Somu Apprentice

    I am currently in the android Sea...
  3. Ankita Katdare


    Noob desert! :rofl:
  4. A.V.Ramani

    A.V.Ramani Guru

    Paddling around in the Scientific Archipelago.
    (a variant of up shit-creek without a paddle)
    #4 A.V.Ramani, Mar 22, 2014
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  5. Pensu

    Pensu Star

    Right now I am in Independent Republic of Fedora. Though I have been in The Redhat Commonwealth, The Great Communist Empire Of Ubuntu and a lot of other places! I have future plans to travel to suse lake and The Debian Republic!
  6. Abhishek Rawal


    Noob desert is a subset of The Great Communist Empire Of Ubuntu. The residence of Noob desert are the one who are taking baby step into Linux (recently migrated from Windows/OS X). Are you among 'em ?

    Do you use Scientific Linux ? Interesting!
  7. lal


    A native of Meego Island :mrgreen: Have a home in The Debian Republic too. And, sometimes pays visit to The Great Communist Empire of Ubuntu.
  8. A.V.Ramani

    A.V.Ramani Guru

    Not guilty.
    I am a common or garden pre internet scientist. AAS (aam aadhmi scientist, though some spell it ASS)

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