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Unable To Play Videos Which Are Downloaded Using IDM (Internet Download Manager)

Discussion in 'Gadgets | Software | Apps' started by micheal john, May 26, 2013.

  1. micheal john

    micheal john Addict

    I use internet download manager to download youtube videos and other sites video. i have been using IDM for past 2 years, but from past 2 month i have a problem - i am able to download videos, after download completed and i open the video using vlc player but video doesn't play. can anyone help me to resolve this issue? thanks for you reply......
  2. Abhijit Dey

    Abhijit Dey Maniac

    Try reinstalling the software. If this doesn't help then upgrade it to the latest version. If it still doesn't help, then you are probably using a pirated version, which is many cases have bugs. I would recommend you to buy it, great piece of software!
  3. Abhishek Rawal


    Now, you can download videos but unable to play the video from vlc.
    Which probably means that the fault lies in vlc player & not IDM.

    However,I recommend :
    - Play videos (which are already stored in computer & not downloaded using IDM) using vlc.
    - If video plays then problem lies in download manager.
    - If video doesn't play then vlc is corrupted (solution : reinstall vlc)

    I hope this solves your problem.
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  4. Anil Jain

    Anil Jain Star

    Did you try running the video using any other video player?
    If not, re-install / repair the IDM.

  5. Calm down everyone, the issue is not what you all think so, Since past two months, youtube has started to store the video and audio parts of any file separately. So when you download anything from youtube, instead of the .flv now you get .mpa and .mp4 which are two parts of same file. To run videos you now have to download both separetely, this can be done by keeping close eye on IDM-popups for mp4 and mpa, then compile both using some mixer to create one file which supports the algorithm of youtube to demix them, and then you have a .flv file which can be played.

    So basically instead of .flv you now have

    .flv = .mp4 + .mpa

    and also you cannot play these two formats separately if crazy ideas pop in your brain as they are siamese twins, useless without the other. :p
  6. Abhijit Dey

    Abhijit Dey Maniac

    The best way I found in downloading videos from from YouTube is using Firefox Browser with an add-on called flash video downloader. This is a perfect alternative.
  7. Abhishek Rawal


    Nayan Goenka
    FLV & MP4 are not same File containers.
    I repeat.
    FLV & MP4 are not same file containers.

    FLV is proprietary container developed by Adobe.
    While MP4 is standarized by ISO in MPEG-4 family.
    So logically again it's proved that .FLV =/= .MP4 + .MPA

    PS : I have been downloading all youtube videos from in MP4 format since last 3 years.
  8. Read between the lines, my point was, instead of a video in one format like .flv or .mp4 or .avi, youtube has started divinding its files into two parts.

    or in more simple terms,
    5 oranges + 4 apples = 1 basket
    this does not mean


    duh.. o_O
  9. Abhishek Rawal


    Youtube has always provided multiple formats.
    Earlier IDM used to provide only .flv format,so you thought "Youtube provides" only flv.
    Now,In latest patch IDM provides choice to download the video either in flv or mp4,so you think "Youtube provides" an apple with an orange.

    Okay,Copy any youtube HD video url in & you'll see it provides : MP4,avi,flv & even mp3.
    So,does it mean that Youtube stores MP4,AVI,FLV in different locations ?Hell I doubt it!

    What I mean is : It's nothing to do with Youtube,This is totally software end.Which in your case : IDM.

    It would be nice of you if you link the "official blog or article" saying that Youtube stores audio & video data in different location.
  10. micheal john

    micheal john Addict

    you are right, when i IDM-popup it is showing MPA and MP4 format files not flv. But 1) what is the reason for youtube to separete audio and video files into two separete format? and
    2) do you have any solution for this?
  11. Abhishek Rawal


    Like I said,It's not "Youtube provides".
    It is what "IDM" provides.

    Go to & copy the url of the video you wanna download.
    And plenty download options will pop.

    Or you can even use extension/addon in Firefox like what Abhijit Dey mentioned.
  12. Abhijit Dey

    Abhijit Dey Maniac

    Guys Google have changed a lot of their buffering techniques! The videos from YouTube are buffered into different files and are linked together while playback. Earlier there was a method better than downloading the videos, which was searching for your videos in the cache folder of Chrome, but now they have changed that too.

    Flash Video Downloader is the best as a Firefox extension. With this add-on you can select to download in all the formats, YouTube has stored the video on their server.
  13. pushkar jain

    pushkar jain Newbie

    which mixing software we have to use???and in google chrome browser i am not getting the options for dowloading clicking(in chrome) on idm it asks me to download some different files(i think links) which are just around 10kb memory wat to do for this....
  14. pushkar jain

    pushkar jain Newbie

    dude could u xplain some elaborately how to download videos by using the method u suggested....thanx in advance
  15. pushkar jain

    pushkar jain Newbie

    one more way is install "video download helper" add on in firefox then u can get the link for downloading the required video which should be pasted in idm and get ur videos and njoy.....
  16. rahul69

    rahul69 Star

  17. VVikash

    VVikash Apprentice

    You Just use IDM Latest version (idm 6.19) and Patch it, otherwise if you want to download youtube videos, then add some add-on in mozilla Like 1-click youtube (Link: ) easy youtube video downloader and many more add on available for firefox browser, and also add Download them all ( and Enjoy.....
  18. Can u suggest patch for IDM in Windows 8.1
  19. Can u suggest patch for IDM in Windows 8.1
  20. Shane Randal

    Shane Randal Newbie

    I think the problem lies with the encoding.
    Just follow these steps.
    go to Program Files >> Google >> Chrome >> Application
    >>(recent version of chrome, which would be something like 38.0.2125.111)
    here, look for a file named "ffmpegsumo.dll". Just rename this file.
    Restart Chrome, open youtube and try downloading again.

    [Update]: Renaming ffmpegsumo.dll doesn't work anymore. But try downloading the plugin here which disables the youtube HTML5 player. You will be able to download youtube videos through IDM as you used to.
    #20 Shane Randal, Nov 23, 2014
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2014

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