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Tower Infinity (or) Ecoprism Tower

Discussion in 'Skyscrapers | Supertall Structures' started by KSS manian, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. KSS manian

    KSS manian Addict

    Here is the new innovation in the civil engineering technology. The Tower Infinity (An Invisible tower), it is proposed by GDS Architect to south korea. This is the world first invisible tower. The proposed height of the building is 453m and the area of the building is around 145,000 Sq.m. Tower-Cloak. The complete structure will achieve invisible illutions using a LED facade system. The tower will have HD cameras placed at the three different heights and all on the six sides of the tower. The camera took the images and the same will be projected by the rows of LED screen. The camera placed in a different level and angle to get the different views. The design of tower got first prize in a National design competition organized by Korea land and housing corporation. The tower infinity will be suggested for an entertainment and leisure purpose.
    Camera_plan_location_analysis_tower_infinity. gds_architects_2nd_stage_cheongna_city_tower_02_1.
    Eventhough its a nice innovation, when its come to reality whether this illusion will affect bird, flight, any other flying objects. but what they said, the tower will look invisible from only certain points which is distributed around. So it does'nt affect any birds and airplanes.
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  2. Neda Hashmi

    Neda Hashmi Addict

    can we apply this concept on costumes in anyway???
  3. Issue

    Issue Knight

    People have already invented Invisibility cloaks. However, they have not been able to achieve 100% transparency. You can Google it and you will find it. Especially in Japan.
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  4. KSS manian

    KSS manian Addict

    Remembering Harry Potter Invisible blanket
  5. Neda Hashmi

    Neda Hashmi Addict

    ohh!!! thank you for this piece of information.. thats really great. now I can sneak out from class just as harry potter did..:p
  6. micheal john

    micheal john Addict

    This innovation reminds me of the invisible air bus seen in AVENGER ASSEMBLE(2012) movie. great thought :cool:
  7. I'm curious - what's the practical use of invisibility?
  8. KSS manian

    KSS manian Addict

    Nothing, Just holding the tag "innovation".

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