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To follow mechatronics, which one is best Electronics or Mechanical

Discussion in 'Mechanical | Automobile | Aeronautics' started by Anuraaj, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. Anuraaj

    Anuraaj Apprentice

    Dear professionals,
    I am following Engineering, Just I have completed my first year and I have to choose my field specialization. But the problem is, my aim is to follow Mechatronics as my Master degree. So which one is best for my BSc engineering degree Mechanical eng. or Electronics eng. to follow mechatronics in future. Please help me.
  2. zaveri

    zaveri Star

    What do you mean by BSc.? Dude the days of BSc are long gone.

    to pursue mechatronics, you better do B.E mechanical, and after that go for in mechatronics.
  3. Anuraaj

    Anuraaj Apprentice

    Thank you, Mr. Zaveri. I am a student from Srilanka. In Srilanka the engineering degree is issued as Bsc Eng. Please tell me, What are the advantages of following Mechanical than electronics as my first degree to follow Mechatronics as my second degree.
  4. zaveri

    zaveri Star

    Career opportunity wise there is no use in pursuing mechanical. The only reason why i asked you to pursue it is because With that you will be able to understand mechatronics better
  5. Anuraaj

    Anuraaj Apprentice

    Oh is it, thank you for your great words, Mr. Zaveri.

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