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Tips For C++ Programmers - Read & Learn

Discussion in 'Computer Science | IT | Networking' started by Vishal0203, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. grsalvi

    grsalvi Apprentice

    Thanl you, i got the point.
    The use of ios::in and ios:: out is for the purpose that if you want a single file stream to be used for
    writing and reading a file.
    This common mode is used many times in text book of cpp but with <fstream.h> file.
    Anyways issue resolved.
  2. when programming in C++, using .h format is of no use.. C++ is the next step of C then why not moving on to next step instead of following the ancestor ways.. That's the reason I preffer programming in DEV, as it doesn't allow such old methods to work! (shows an error even if you use conio.h header)

    I prefer these books.. These are very helpful..
    The Complete reference C++
    How to program C++ -> Dietel
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  3. safiajen0055

    safiajen0055 Apprentice


    Thanks for sharing the tips For C++ Programmers. This post is very useful for me.
    Please keep sharing this type of useful information with us...
  4. safiajen0055
    Good to know that it was useful to you. There are other useful posts pinned in the discussion area. They may help you learn more! :)
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  5. safiajen0055

    safiajen0055 Apprentice


    Thanks for telling me this .
    I want to ask you one more thing can you help about the Java programming.
    Because i have so many problems with Java Programming.
    Please Reply me.. I am waiting for you Reply
  6. fahad baig

    fahad baig Newbie

    this is very useful post for us.keep posting these kind of posts which helps us in programming ic various languages.
  7. I think it would be better if you state your problem without waiting for a reply (preferably in a new thread) on this forum. In case if Vishal0203 is not available, someone else might help you out. Or there can be multiple solutions etc..etc
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  8. I think simply coder is right! I'm not familiar to java yet :rolleyes: The subject is in next semester..
    So it would be better if you create a new thread so that you'll get your problems solved soon.
  9. safiajen0055

    safiajen0055 Apprentice

    Hiiiii ,

    Thanks for Advise me. I will create new thread related to Java Programming problems ..

    :) :)
  10. Chinu1

    Chinu1 Apprentice

    Hello... You give me best knowledge about system("cls");. Before reading your sharing, always i was use clrscr();.
  11. Yeah. I think almost everyone starts with that. But if you notice at the headers of clrscr(); and system("cls"); then, you see that clrscr(); belongs to conio.h (console input output) whereas, system("cls"); belongs to stdlib.h (standard library). Since, it is STANDARD, we use system("cls");

    UGINIRAJ Certified CEan

    this is very very useful foe us keep it going for better growth....
  13. dhruba sunuwar

    dhruba sunuwar Apprentice

    hey can you suggest me some c++ projects for high school!!!
  14. Check our project section Buddy. Don't misuse other threads here PLS
  15. dhruba sunuwar

    dhruba sunuwar Apprentice

    i am really sorry but i am new to this, don't know much about it..but where is this "project section"???
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  16. Min1a1k1shi

    Min1a1k1shi Newbie

    Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome information ;)
  17. shibi raj

    shibi raj Apprentice

    It's so nice..
    Thanks very much for posting this..
  18. Many people ask suggestion for C++ projects.
    Its not me or someone else here, will give you the ideas. It has to be generated in your brain..
    If you come up with an idea, just follow the following steps to check whether you are making it right

    only a few points to be remembered before typing the code.
    > Know about the needs of the client (generally a question for students).
    > Construct a basic idea of the concepts to be used to meet the needs of client.
    > Always program, keeping the idea about the future needs of the client. Predict the mind of client and plan up for further demands of client.
    > The needs of the client may change! So always add comments to your code for further references.


    Make sure you make the program user friendly. Program in such a way that the users who do not know anything about programming can also understand what they have to do.

    Your Program must always be ready to handle the exceptions to avoid application crash. There are users who enter some unknown or out range data.. at this situation application must,
    1> handle the exception
    2> Generate error message
    3> rollback
    For example, in a calculator if you enter a number 100000000000000000000000000000 the calculator may generate a message "out of range". Same Idea must be implemented.

    to know more about exception handling in C++/C refer to this
    Feel Free to ask doubts :)
  19. Its a valuable information and useful to beginners...Thanks for that information..

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