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Discussion in 'The Café - General Discussions On Everything' started by ash, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Rifaa

    Rifaa Apprentice

    Like I said ..I am :confused::confused: on just what u asked. Sorry.
    Here's the manual of the programmer I have. Check it out and tell me.
    Your opinion means a lot to me for the time being, as I am just a beginner on this topic.
    PS.. Am I violating any rule here. I mean my file link says "rapidshare: blah blah"
    If so, sorry, I just pasted and quote the link from my RS account and it changed on it's own. Suggest me another method if I am guilty
  2. Bergg

    Bergg Certified CEan

    Well done!

  3. Harshad Italiya


    Rifaa you can Hyper link any Text with your Own Link. by this Button [​IMG]
  4. Harshad Italiya


  5. ash


    Alright, added.
  6. Harshad Italiya


    @ Rifaa.. can you please tell that actually what you want to know..?

    if you are asking that FlashMagic is compitible with the Programmer Willem then i am sorry that i dont know about it.. i think you need Willem pro for that.
    in short FlashMagic is Specially made for PHILIPS(NXP) Microcontroller series. and specially using Serial programming method.

    sorry if i am not able to understood you.. i have posted here according to my knowledge
  7. Harshad Italiya


    thanks very much ASH
  8. The testing tools Selenium and free open source tools.

    i cant post the links now.
    will try or others can also post as they are free
  9. Rifaa

    Rifaa Apprentice

    @GF ..I have the software. The programmer came with willem pro.
    The main problem is that I really donno how to go about programming a PIC with it.
    I know how to insert the PIC into the programmer and follow the manual, the thing is what type of file is used and why I donno. and also to compile a basic program. U know what I mean.
    I 'll get back to you after a while. I just got up. I have to attend to my customers

    Later.....much later
    I Installed the proton thingy. Is it an assembler. ( am I saying this right )
  10. ash


    Do you mean SeleniumHQ?

    -> Selenium web application testing system
  11. Harshad Italiya


    @Rifaa...Proton is a Compiler... and the file which you want to load in PIC it should be in HEX format
  12. Rifaa

    Rifaa Apprentice

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Compiler. Once compiled, I get the HEX file, Right.
    Then what the heck is an Assembler :confused::confused:

    seee..this is what I am telling you all are confusing little ol' me.
  13. Harshad Italiya


    Yes Buddy Assembler and Compiler are Different Things.

    An Assembler converts Assembly instructions into executable machine language. A Compiler converts higher level programming language instructions into Assembly instructions, and then those are turned into executable machine language. Most Compilers allow generation of "object" code, which is the Assembly instruction set generated by the Compiler. Some older Compilers allow for the Assembly instructions to be fine tuned by the programmer.
    Compiled programming languages typically generate many lines of Assembly instructions for each program statement. Some programming languages, such as ANSI C, are very close to Assembly, while others such as Java, result in many Assembly instructions per program statement. Most Compilers are highly optimized and it would be difficult for a human programmer to improve the efficiency of the output.

    and Proton is Compiler.... while using MPLAB you can make HEX file also.
  14. ash


    Updated list with terminal and network tools
  15. Harshad Italiya


    Thanks for the Update Ash
  16. Aashish Joshi

    Aashish Joshi Addict

    Sage: Open Source Mathematics Software

    This is a opensource mathematics software. Though I have not used it, I have gone through their wiki, tutorials and screenshots. Seems powerful to me, you can map functions, even render 3D images!! It supports command completion by pressing the Tab key..
  17. Aashish Joshi

    Aashish Joshi Addict

    I came across Webots during my project work. I was looking for a software in which I could animate my manipulator arm. It is a robotic modeling/manipulation software. You can make the environment using vrml, or make it on a solid modeling software and then import it to webots by saving it as a .wrl file. You can write the code for sensors using one of the available languages (c/c++/java/matlab). It is available for windows, linux as well as mac.
    The only drawback is that the free version is only a trial(one month). You need to purchase the software to use it further.

  18. ankur verma

    ankur verma Certified CEan

    can you tell me names of some of tested softwares among these....
  19. blacrobous

    blacrobous Certified CEan

    Here is one which i use a free compiler named Codeblocks for C++ Runs on linux mac and windows
  20. juma1987

    juma1987 Certified CEan

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