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The thanks giving thread

Discussion in 'The Café - General Discussions On Everything' started by durga, May 31, 2009.

  1. durga

    durga Star


    OK.. I went through yesterday's discussions and came up with this thread.
    I have purposely not come up with any other thread other than thanks giving as its really not needed to argue. We have debate section of arguing upon issues which need a discussion

    No rules to b be followed as such.
    just basic coutersy.
    1.Name the topic and say a 'thanks' simple!! nothing else to be done.
    Admin/Mods can this thread can be made a sticky so that it wont get lost?

    2.If anything more needs to be discussed apart from saying 'thanks!' I guess it can as well be done in the same thread.

    This thread is just to bring everyone on common terms i.e to reduce the posts which don not have relevant content and not to impose too many rules :D

    Happy and Better CEing!!
  2. Harshad Italiya


    I think we Can use Thanks Bot also
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  3. Thanks Pradeep for youyr inputs in the C program thread.

    Please make this thread sticky..
  4. raj87verma88

    raj87verma88 Enthusiast

    The thread has been made a sticky.
  5. Harshad Italiya


    Thanks RajdeepCE for helping me in Calculating points for CCFL.
  6. RajdeepCE

    RajdeepCE Certified CEan

    Thanks The_big_k & godfather for supporting & encouraging me to start the new season of Crazy Cricket Fantasy League - "CCFL 2.0". Coming soon.
  7. gohm

    gohm Addict

    Thanks Biggie for creating CE.

    Thanks search engine for finding it back when I joined

    Thanks for allowing me to moderate fellow CEans
  8. gohm

    gohm Addict

    Thanks for all those past and present who have illuminated the darkness with their candlelight of peace, justice & compassion.
  9. shalini_goel14

    shalini_goel14 Apprentice

    Thanks to all CEans for bearing me and my rude way of talking on CE.
  10. safwan

    safwan Apprentice

    thanks for all Cean to wish me happybirthday.adn thanks for CE to teach and nurture me lots of things.

    NIMISH PRABHU Certified CEan

    thanks for welcoming me to this forum
    thanks for making this awesome site :)
    i love vbulletin so i love CE too! :)
  12. safwan

    safwan Apprentice

    I say Thanks to GodFather for makeing my blog banner.
  13. priyank_180

    priyank_180 Apprentice

    thank you god father.. :p
    for inviting me to this great site..:D
  14. Many thanks to Mech_guy for his answers !!

    Thanks to SS as well :)
  15. Kaustubh Katdare


    Many thanks to Rohan_SK for awesome posts.

    Many thanks to Durga for her work on CE Introduction Articles [Lot of work, she's done. Great going, Durga :D ]

    Many thanks to our web host :mrgreen: for a great uptime!
  16. Harshad Italiya


    Many thanks to English-Sacred for supporting me when i was near to leave CE cause of some misunderstanding.

    Thank you sandy very much.
  17. durga

    durga Star

    umm. Thanks! But along with me Patty has put in efforts as well! :mrgreen:

    patty, thanks !!!


    Shalini, thanks for your efforts as well! :mrgreen:
  18. vishnu priya

    vishnu priya Certified CEan

    Thanks to English_Scared,as he was the first person to reply me as well as to correct me on this forum,

  19. vishnu priya

    vishnu priya Certified CEan

    Thanks to all the CEans who have helped me in one way or the other
  20. kashish0711

    kashish0711 Apprentice

    Thanks to every Cean here for sharing the best ideas around.

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