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Sony Cuts Down Price Of Tablet S By $100 - New Year's Gift For Customers?

Discussion in 'Engineering & Technology News' started by Guneet Khanuja, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Guneet Khanuja

    Guneet Khanuja Apprentice

    Engineering Discipline:
    Sony has offered the best new year gift to it's users. Sony has adopted a new pricing strategy for its model. Sony has cut down price of its Tablet S by $100. Now Sony offers Tablet at a much reduced price of $400 for 16 GB model and $500 for 32 GB variant. The hint to this offer had been announced by Sony on 15th December 2011, with a promising note to give a final word by the end of the year. And as per its official announcement, Sony has offered this gift to its users right on time.

    Image Credit - techgoondu.com

    The tablet has a 1 GB RAM and an inbuilt storage of 16 GB and 32 GB. It is also equipped with a standard SD card slot and a micro USB port. With the help of a micro USB to USB adaptor, flash drives could be attached to the tablet. Tablet S cannot read files on an external storage. Their conversion to an internal storage is a compulsion. This makes usage very complicated. Tablet S could be charged through a port at its outer edge. The port offers a connectivity medium for different accessories. Tablet S has a 9.4 inch display with resolution of 1280x800. This resolution offers great visibility and excellent viewing angles with bright color schemes. Tablet S also offers good sound quality as compared to other tablet models.

    There are two pre-loaded PlayStation games in the tablet; Crash Bandicoot and Pinball Heroes. Tablet S is a PlayStation certified device. But this feature is also useless because there is no PlayStation store available in Singapore yet. Thus the users will have to manage with two pre-loaded games till the official store is launched. The keyboard  offers a numeric keypad when the tablet is in landscape position. The tablet weighs just 600 grams which is same as the iPad. Sony aims to raise sale of Tablet S after reduction in its price. Only time will tell in which direction this strategy goes!

    Source: Engadget | Image Credit: Techgoondu
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  3. Well, Rs.20K-25K is still too much if you have Aakash available for such a low price. In that price it is better to go with a laptop. There are also some tablets coming at low price and better features than Aakash.
  4. One gets the value of what he/she pays for.  I have chinese wi-fi tablet with Android 2.2 (Cost Rs.3800/-).  It is very sluggish.  But I feel that around Rs. 20,000/- sony is a much, much better tablet with all the features it has.  

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