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  1. Kaustubh Katdare


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    We've a great new section for our Civil & Structural engineers to discuss skyscrapers & supertall structures. Discuss the mega-structures that fascinate us and proudly stand as man's biggest creations. You're free to discuss any project of your choice, but be sure to search for the forums first.

    We look forward to several interesting discussions from you.
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  2. Dancer_Engineer

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    Computer Science
    Awesome! :thumbsup:
    Looking forward to be introduced to the most beautiful creations from around the World.
  3. ShrinkDWorld

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    Congratulation to all CEans. This shows that we have great community of Civil engineers:cean:

    GUGAN VIGNESH Certified CEan

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    Wow ! we should start imagineering more and more !
  5. marvin cute

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    if completed as planned, Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia will be the tallest man made structure in the world in 2017 . .
  6. Jeffrey Samuel

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    Kingdom tower will reestablish the supremacy of Arab nations when it comes to skyscrapers

    The data going with it seems really outstanding

    Do we actually need an oxygen tank if we have to be on the roof of the tower
  7. rithu_195

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