Project Lincoln - India's first attempt in building a Batpod

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  1. abhijeetkhan

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    Project Lincoln - India's first attempt in building a Batpod - Reinventing the Batpod (Batman's Vehicle from TDK)

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  2. Superb work.Great to hear that our CEan doing this kind of job.
    If you are interested please furnish technical specs of Indian Batpod.
    Apart from that, Your team's work on design is too good.
  3. abhijeetkhan

    abhijeetkhan Apprentice

    Than you Sarath! We have used a Pulsar220FI throb to run it. The vehicle stands at 8feet wide and 3 feet tall. The tires are 195-55R15, used in Toyota Innova.
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  4. Thanks for the information. Are you designing a working pod or only a design?
    All the best for your future works friend.
  5. abhijeetkhan

    abhijeetkhan Apprentice

    Well, if you can see from the pictures, we are building the actual machine. To update you, we just started the engine today.
  6. Thanks for kind reply.All the best for your Final model of Indian Batpod
  7. kumarrakeshit

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    Dear dis project is good, but As I have watched your bike. Your bike average will be low not more then 15 km per little.
    you can increase the average, if you fit HHO dry cell kit.
    Nice kip it up...............
  8. Kaustubh Katdare


    I wonder mileage is even on his priority list. Is it @abhijeetkhan ?
  9. A discussion that really should get noticed and discussed
  10. kumarrakeshit

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    Glad to see, that you are ready to discussion.

    When I created this project then we check.
    It is the possible to break the water molecules in 2H and O?

    Yes it is possible, for example when we pass the dc voltage in distal water then current will not pass. But when we mix some KOH in that water then current will pass.
    On the kethod(-) side 2H will generate and on anod(+) side O will generate.

    In overall that gas is know as HHO gas. And when we pass that gas in bike engine or car engine. then HHo gas with other fuel work good. It burn the burning fuel. HHO gas cool the engine, and according to the great scientes karnot formula the average will increase.

    In other article I will show the two types of kit and their mechanism to generate the HHO gas.
    You can contact on my email id
  11. hema.heya

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    good idea
  12. abhijeetkhan

    abhijeetkhan Apprentice

    Thanks for the feedback guys!
    Yes, @Kaustubh mileage was never a priority. The pod itself stands above eveything else.
    @rakesh Thanks for the suggestion. But its pretty difficult to do with traditional engines and special Fuel Cells are used for this purpose which generate electricity which again is a very, very costly affair.
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  13. abhijeetkhan

    abhijeetkhan Apprentice

  14. kumarrakeshit

    kumarrakeshit Rookie

    @abhijeetkhan electricity not big problem. Only 12 volte dc is sufficient for hho kit. After your bike engine start hho will take electricity from your bike engine.
    In one litter water, 2000 hho litter gas is generated.
    And in My point of view one littler water is sufficient for one month.
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