Please Help Me To Configure My Iball Baton 150m Wireless Router

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    I have been a spidigo internet subscriber for 8 months now and using a broadband cable connection. I wanted to use mobile phone and a laptop through wireless medium hence I bought iball baton 150m wireless router and tried to setup using a manual guide which came along with the router. I did everything as mentioned in the guide but wasn't successful so I contacted my ISP for support. In response they told me their technical support is limited to internet connection issues and they cant help me in setting up a router. So I contacted a local spidigo technician in my area who managed every spidigo internet issue in my locality. He helped me in setting up my router by configuring some parameters through iball baton router's web admin configuration panel (via He configured everything very fast and didn't gave me a chance to notice what he did and charged 300 bucks for support.

    Thereafter I used my wireless router successfully without any problem but a week ago I faced some connectivity problems with my router. I checked the connection by using a broadband cable and found connection to be flawless. So i contacted the same technician again and he told me to factory reset the router using a reset button. By doing so all the previous settings he configured on my router got wiped. I cant configure the router again so I am required to contact this technician for support but I don't want to pay him again. If any one is using iball baton router please help me to configure my router :(

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  3. Shoubhik Basu

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    HEllo Sir i did all the steps to configure the router.. its working but its wireless thing is not showing.. i mean the the WIFI its not showing in my laptop.. or in my phone.. i using it through the LAN cable.. plZ HELP..
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    The SSID might be hidden. Just key in directly while configuring your laptop.
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    How do i unhide it...???

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