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Name For Startup Interview Series - Choose One!

Discussion in 'Entrepreneurship | Startups' started by Ankita Katdare, Jan 20, 2014.


Choose a name for the startup interview series from the following -

  1. Startup Spotlight

  2. Founders' Circuit

  3. "The Doers" Series

  4. Startup - Chatup

  5. "Tech Peck" Series

  6. Venture Capture

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  1. Anoop Mathew

    Anoop Mathew Knight

    Is that 'StartUp Soup' on your emoticon? :mrgreen:
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  2. if i am not bounded to vote from h list then i suggest interview cracker or cracker's series. and from the list i go for the doer's series.
  3. Ankita Katdare


  4. my vote has been with tech peck....sounds cool to me.....and other ones rather than other from the list would be something like ......
  5. Voted for Founders Circuit :D

    It looks cool :cean:
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  6. prahumac

    prahumac Apprentice

    how about this new one's spurs
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  7. Divyanshu Sharma

    Divyanshu Sharma Enthusiast

    I find Founders' circuit relevant to the purpose.
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  8. Shreyas Sule

    Shreyas Sule Maniac

    Founder's circuit follows KISS methodology more than other options
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  9. Ankita Katdare


    I think that we will have a clear winner by the end of the day! :)
    All those who have replied and contributed your valuable votes - Give a special pat-on-the-back to @Ambarish Ganesh for coming up with such a cool name!

    When you say it out aloud - "Founders Circuit" sounds so awesome!
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  10. Raj A

    Raj A Enthusiast

    Venture Capture.. It's cool!!! And it covers all branches.. I relate circuits to electrical only.. Sorry, But this is how it is.. !!
  11. Anoop Mathew

    Anoop Mathew Knight

  12. Anoop Mathew

    Anoop Mathew Knight

    In that case: 'Capture' is in cinema/photography/spur-of-the-moment that is just taken by one person. But 'Circuit' is a connection that's meant to bond not just to capture the fun/knowledge/information but to co-exist in its ambience as one.

    P.S: Yeah, I'm not drunk. :):p
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  13. Ankita Katdare


    By the way, the actual definition of Circuit -

    1. a roughly circular line, route, or movement that starts and finishes at the same place.
    eg: "I ran a circuit of the village"
    synonyms: lap, turn, round, circle

    2. an established itinerary of events or venues used for a particular activity, typically involving public performance.

    eg: "the alternative cabaret circuit"
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  14. Priyesh Saini

    Priyesh Saini Newbie

    ya VENTURE CAPTURE sounds cool....
    go 4 it.
  15. pratz016

    pratz016 Newbie

  16. sumitshrm45

    sumitshrm45 Apprentice

  17. Ankita Katdare


    Neck-to-Neck competition here for the two names! :cautious:

    :coffee: Who will win?
  18. Raj A

    Raj A Enthusiast

    What is the deadline of voting?? When will you choose the winner?
  19. Ankita Katdare


    We will keep it open till tomorrow. :) We will think up of something if there is a tie.
  20. hinesh

    hinesh Enthusiast

    I would give "the Doers series" to vote.

    Coz engineers are doers and makers......
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