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Mobile phone radiation SAR - iPhone5S is worse

Discussion in 'Gadgets | Software | Apps' started by Anoop Kumar, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. Anoop Kumar

    Anoop Kumar Mentor

    Engineering Discipline:
    SAR - Specific absorption rate (SAR) is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the human body when exposed to a radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic field.
    According to norms, threshold value for head is : 1.6 W/Kg (Watts/Kg) US/India
    In simpler term, "Less the SAR value, less radiation, and more you safe".
    Here is little comparison of some mobile phone's SAR value

    Samsung Galaxy S5: head SAR : 0.85 W/Kg, Body SAR : 1.55 W/Kg
    LG Nexus 5: 0.92 W/kg (head) 1.23 W/kg (body)
    Iphone 5S : head 1.25 ear
    Moto E: 0.97 W/kg (head) , 1.50 W/kg (body)

    Samsung Galaxy SII : Head 0.475 W/Kg :mrgreen:
    Samsung Galaxy Note II : Head 0.225 W/Kg:thumbsup:
    Finally,Nokia 1100: 0.78 W/kg.

    You can find your device SAR value here:
    (It will redirect to your mobile official site where SAR values has been mentioned)

    What's your mobile phone's SAR value?
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  2. Kaustubh Katdare


    Engineering Discipline:
    Note II. I'm on the safer side :) [Head SAR : 0.225 W/Kg]
  3. Sanyam Khurana

    Engineering Discipline:
    Computer Science
    It's not showing results for my device, it says phone model does not exist :p

    Using Samsung GT-S5302

    (Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos/ Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite)
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2014
  4. Kaustubh Katdare


    Engineering Discipline:
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