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  1. bhuvan

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    Engineering Discipline:
    I need ides about the mechanical mini projects . And needed some topics too. I've compiled a list of few mini project topics in mechanical engineering. Here's a list -

    1. Design interface of aircraft / automobile cockpit: Make it easier for human interaction.

    2. Study the dynamics of automobile ignition systems: Study the vibration levels of exhaust system and predict design parameters.

    3. Robotics : Design and develop a mini line-follower bot.

    4. Design a robot for the textile industry using SolidWorks software.
  2. rake

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    I've this list of mini projects in mechanical engineering -

    Metal Detector
    Automatic Bar Feeding Mechanism
    Remote controlled wheel chair
    Fabrication Hydraulic press
    Fabrication of Automatic Cone Winding
    Vertical Axis Windmill
    Auto Gearing System
    Automatic Crane System
    Pneumatic Punch
    Sliding Table for Grinding Machine
    Pneumatic Comparator
    Gear Indicator for two Wheelers
    Pneumatic Hand Drilling
    CNC Thermo Coal Cutting Machine
    Inspection system using PC
    Fabrication for Slotting Machine
    Solar Based Oven
    Automatic Blanking Machine
    Fabrication of auto feed drilling machine
    Over Load Indicator for machines
    Fabrication of Wind Mill
    Chicken Skin Peeler
    Thermocoal cutting machine using CNC
    Fabrication of Spy robo
    Automatic steering controlled lead lamps
    Peddling Washing Machine
    Automatic Hammer Striker
    Multipurpose Tool Changer
    Fabrication of Sheet Metal Cutting
    Automatic gear display
    Hydraulic Screw Jack
    Automatic filling system
    Bottle Vending Machine
    Solar Water Heater
    Two Axis Sliding Table
    Electrical Spot Welding Machine
    Automatic Injection Molding
    Automatic Cone Releaser
    Tidal Power Plant
    Fabrication of Pipe Bending Machine
    Pneumatic Punching Machine
    Fabrication of Spring Rolling Machine
    Fabricating of Micro Holes Driller
    Battery Operated Portable Pump
    Auto Braking System
    Glass Cutting Machine
    Hydraulic Noodles Machine
    Library automation system
    Band Saw Cutting Machine
    Remote Controlled Screw jack
    Pneumatic Door Opener
    Fabrication of Yarn Pigment Tester
    Food process control station
    Hydraulic Power Pack
    Automatic Sealing Machine
    Electrified Two Axis Sliding Table
    Pneumatic Cylinder
    Fabrication of Oven
    Peddling pump
    Slave robots
    Pneumatic Hand Grinder
    Fabrication of Hydraulic Press
    Fabrication of voice operated wheel chair
    Sheet Metal Bend Removing Machine
    Mini Milling Machine
    Automatic Coil Winding Machine
    Automated Dimensioning Machine
    Hydro Pneumatic Vice
    Design of Effluent Treatment Plant
    Fabrication of Coil Winding Machine
    Power generation using Speed breaker
    Automatic car shutter
    Artificial arm
    Automatic Dimensioning Machine
    Automated Material Transferring System
    Manual Injection Molding
    Soft hand gear system
    Fabrication of Windmill Power Generator
    Salt water into pure water
    Pneumatic hag saw cutter
    Safety Locking System
    Automatic Poor Quality Rejecter
    Automatic ration system
    Machining status informer
    Process retrievals and its drilling operation
    Coin Vending Machine
    ABC controlling through switch
    Automatic bench marking system
    Single Axis Sliding Table
    Foot Step Pressure Electrical Power Generator
    Sheet Metal Bend removing Machine
    Jigs And Fixtures
    Conveyer for Quality control
    Electromagnetic Breaking System
    Fabrication of Tilt able Extension Ladder
    Contact less automatic door opener
    Operation identification system
    Remote Material Handler
    Fabrication of Pulverize
    Hydraulic Cylinder
    Power generation using Footsteps
    Indexing Table for Drilling Machine
    Auto hammer striker
    Single Cylinder Double Acting Pump
    Fabrication of Solid Fuel Fabrication machine
    Electronic Power Steering
    Automated lead screw jaws
    Rain activated wiper
    Motorized Power Jack
    Conveyer For Industries
    Automatic Quality Checking System
    CNC Bar Feeding Machine
    Automatic Quality Testing System
    Electronic Wise
    Jigs and Fixture
    Fabrication Hydraulic forklift
    Automatic Drilling Machine
    Fabrication of Key Way Milling Machine
    Automatic Sealing Machine
    Plant automation
    Automatic gear changer
    Hydraulic Scissor Jack
  3. kamaljeet

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    Wind Energy Vehicle: Small Scale Vehicle.
    Wind Based Water Pump: Useful for farmers and energy saving.
    Automatic Vehicle Smoke Analyser: PUC control.
    Valve Regrinding Machine: Could be useful in local repairs.
    Two Wheeler with Propeller Shaft: Could improve the efficiency of the vehicle.
    Sterling Engine: A detailed study.
    Spray Painting Robot: Can find industrial applications.
    Single Cylinder Doubleacting Pump: Pump uses lesser mechanical and electrical power.
    Salt Water into Pure Water: Simple mechanical converter.
    Remote Controlled Drilling Machine: Mechanical arm controlled by Wi-Fi remote or Bluetooth.
    Pneumatic High Speed Reciprocting Hack Saw: Reducing the power consumption with improved blade design.
    Pneumatic Chapathi Machine: The Indian Roti-Maker; make sure they are circular in shape.
    Pedaling Dress Washing Machine: Should be able to handle delicate material.
    Pedal Controlled Mobile Charger cum Emergency Light: Mechanical - Electrical energy conversion.
    Multi Agri Cutter: Helping the farmers with low cost machine.
    License Scanning Automobile Security System: Electro mechanical machine to simplify RTO job.
    Industrial Motor Safety Controller: Monitors speed and other parameters.
    Hydraulic Grease Gun: Regularly used in large-scale industrial applications.
    Hydraulic Bending and Bend Removing Machine: Typically used in manufacturing of automobiles.
    Car Controlled System Operation: Could be a dashboard monitoring system.
    Voice Operated Fuel Injector: Vocal commands to control level of fuel injection.
    Check Post Vehicle Analyzer: Electronic scanner to perform auto-checks.
    Speed Vehicle Sensing: High speed motion sensors.
    Solar Automatic Mobile Charging: Self explanatory.
    Automatic Speed Control in Speed Limit Zone: Device will limit vehicle's speed automatically.
    Automatic Fuel Tank Filling System: Robotic arms fills fuel tank and monitors the fuel level.
    Automatic Speed Breaking Systems: Notice speed breaker and reduce vehicle speed appropriately.
    Car Theft Prevention Using Code Locking System: Auto-cop!
    VI Based Diesel Plant Automation: Complete automation of diesel plant automation.
    Microcontroller Based Vehicle Fare Meter: Simple microcontroller to control vehicle fare.
    Bus Backside Accident Alert System: Sensors mounted on dashboard (rear) for complete control.
    Backside Accident Alert System for Four Wheeler: Same system.
    Automobile Surveillance: Central GPS based monitor.
    Automatic Traffic Clearance during Emergency: Auto traffic controller using GPS.
    Automatic Call Taxi Meter: Use GPS and sensor data to calculate taxi fare.
    Automatic Saw Cutting: Advance cutting technologies for steel & metals.
    Model Highway Road Curve Finder: Notify the driver of the curves ahead.
    Fuzzy Logic Vehicle Traffic Regulation: Same as above.
    Vehicle Inmobilization System: Stop the engine in case of theft through remote command system.
    Digital Vehicle Fuel Level Indicator: Auto-indicate fuel level.
    Vehicle Due Immobilization Using PLC: Using PLC to control automobile engine.
    Digitized Vehicle Car Dashboard: Digital dashboard for smart-cars.
    Zig Zag Pneumatic Lift: Hydraulics and pneumatic lifts.
    Wire Rope Elevator: Design and study.
    Home Power Generation Using Combination of Solar Panel & Wind Mill: Green energy combo pack.
    Home Appliance Turbine: Simple, DIY turbine.
    Steam Power Plant: Backyard power generator.
    Sheet Metal Cutting Machine: Simple robot to cut metal sheets.
    Hydraulic Disc Brake: Study & analysis.
    Fabrication of Coconut Tree Sprayer: Used in South Indian continent.
    Engine Over Heat Alarm: Notify the driver in case of overheating.
    Emergency Braking System: Auto-sense obstacle and apply brakes.
    Electric Power from Speed Breaker: When the cars move over speed breakers, generate power.
    Electric Power from Industrial Waste Water: Study and analysis.
    Pneumatic Forging Machine: Forging of steel bars.
    Frictionless Electromagnetic Braking System: Eliminating friction at the contact points.
    Conveyer for Quality Contro: Conveyer belts design.
    Compressed Air Production Using Vehicle Suspension: Use natural pressure to create compressed air force.
    Automatic Spiral Punching Machine: Industrial machine.
    Automatic Solar Water Heating System: Installation on rooftops.
    CNC Bar Feeding Machine: Study and analysis.
    Circular Cutting Machine: Aircraft production industry.
    Emission Controller in Automobiles Using Black Box: Simple processor for blackbox in automobiles.
    Automatic Rain Operated Wiper: Operates after sensing rain drops.
    Automatic Tyre Pressure Inflation System: Sense the tyre pressure using smart-sensors.
    Automatic Thermocole Cutter: Precision cutter.
    Multi Channel Product Measurement and Rejection System: Calibration of product parameters.
    Automatic Intelligent Hydro Irrigation System: Power efficient system.
    Precision Gear-Cut Setting Attachment through Shaping Machine: study.
    Pneumatic Pick & Placement Robot: Understand & calibrate robotic systems.
    Hydraulic Jack: For cars and light vehicles.
    Hand Operated Pneumatic Robot: Mechanical advantage.
    Fuzzy Logic Vehicle Parking System: Already discussed.
    Automatic Lubrication Unit: Lubrication at the joints and surfaces.
    Digital Drips Monitor & Alarm: Drip monitoring system, detailed study.
    Air Pollution Monitor: Monitor air parameters and determine pollution levels.
    Automatic Poor Quality Rejecter: Auto-QA system.
    Mileage Projector: Statistical machine to project vehicle mileage.
    Paint Mixer Machine: Mixing paints in proper proportions.
    Yarn Breakage Monitor: Determine the points of breaks and report them.
    Automatic Packaging Systems: Auto-pack the product with robot.
    Bombon Bridge: Study, analysis and design.
    Automatic Gear Display: Gear display system.
    Automatic Gear Changer: Auto-transmission system for 4-wheelers.
    Fabrication of Hydraulic Power Plant: Analysis and implementation.
    Fabrication of Wind Mill: Power efficient green source of energy.
    Automatic Dimensioning Machine: Study.
    Automatic Brake Failure Indicator: Constantly monitor the brakes system.
    Auto Side Stand Indicator And Center Stand: To be implemented in scooters.
    Auto Stop Motion for Spinning Mills: Control and sensing.
    Film Roll Cutter: Cut film role at determined positions.
    Coffee Maker: Mechanical coffe and milk mixer.
    Automatic Bottle Filling System: Specific amount of substance to be filled in the bottles.
    Automatic Coil Winding Machine: Create coil windings of specific size.
    Automatic PVC Pipe Cutting Machine: PVC pipe precision cutting tool.
    Automatic Laminating System: Create plastic laminations.
    Low Cost Anti-Lock Braking: Cost effective mechanical system.
    Unified Wheel Opener: Car wheel screws and bolts opener.
    Power Transmission in Automobiles: Detailed analys of various power transmission states.
    Automatic Reverse Braking System: In-dept study and analysis.
    Automatic Design Of Wiring Pattern: Calculation of writing pattern and reproduction.
    Wall Following Robot: Robot follows walls as guiding points.
    Mechanical Four Wheels Steering: Automatic steering of four wheels.
    Buoyancy Shoe: Implementation, design and analysis.
    Radial Piston Engine: Uses of it in practical locomotives.
    Green Nanotechnology In Automobiles: Possibilities of nanotech in automobiles.
    Stair Climbing Robot: Mechanical robot that climbs stairs.
    Vacuum Braking System: Industrial applications and uses.
    Traction Control System: Railway system monitoring.
    Magneto Abrasive Flow Machining: Tools and techniques used.
    Rollator’s Parking Brake System: Detailed implementation study.
    Robotic Manipulator Arm: Uses in the paint industry.
    Analysis of a Vise-Grip
    Self Excited Vibratory Drilling: Drilling machine design improvements.
    Intelligent Reverse Braking System
    Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter:
    Dynamic Speed Governor
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    i dont know wat to do for my mainproject
  5. yatin

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    Engineering Discipline:
    I need ides about the mechanical mini projects .
  6. kirankumar08

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    hi i want to work on air fueled engine can someone suggest me some ideas or the web site where i can get full detailed information....
  7. Jetkmr

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    See some other topics
    inventory controller

    i would like do my project on piston design in order to overcome the piston slap effect , could you tell some ideas for it.

    do a robotic arm or cnc programming for cutting an edge
  8. ragu.9

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    need some ideas for mini project.can u help me
  9. Kaustubh Katdare

    Kaustubh Katdare
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    Engineering Discipline:
    We help only those who search before they post.
  10. adith menon

    adith menon
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    I need ides about the mechanical mini projects .
  11. savitha_chandu

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    Engineering Discipline:
    you can get seminar topics on the website <removed> and also on <Removed>
  12. Aashish Joshi

    Aashish Joshi
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    Engineering Discipline:
    For those of you seeking mini project/seminar topics I suggest you identify your strong areas and then select a topic from that subject/topic. Then if you have any doubts post them here
  13. Kaustubh Katdare

    Kaustubh Katdare
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    Engineering Discipline:
    :) I hope engineering students take your advise seriously. Most of the students visit us looking for free lunch [free ideas, free presentations, free code] :(
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    ;)hello engineer,:):):):)

    if u want a topic for the miniproject u dont just post this thread and dont wait for long days

    if u search this site(ce) u will get many ideas;-)
  15. arjun_gudachari

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    plzz give me some miniproject topics in mechanical engineering urgently
  16. karthik042

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    hi friends,
    i need some project ides 4 my final yr project. snd me tat pls
  17. hemantkshetty

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    I want to build a project on Robotic Arm.....can u pls suggest some sites or some books from where i can get good knowledge about the subject so as to build a project on it....
  18. sarathy

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    i am doing my third year mechanical engineering.
    kindly list out some topics for my mini project this year.
  19. gabbarize221

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    i am final year student of mechanical suggest me project related to fabrication as soon as possible
  20. varatharajan.m

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    please respond to me
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