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    Hello CEans !
    So I am here again to introduce you to another fellow CEan. An amazing photographer, whose photos have robbed many hearts. An astounding creative designer (Yes Anoop! We have loved the T-shirts designs you had put up for CE), his views on CE posts make us put on our thinking caps.
    Happy reading CEans :)
    Please post more questions if there is anything more you would like to know about the young man.

    Karishma :
    Anoop, Please introduce yourself to the CEans.
    Anoop :
    Hi friends!
    First of all, thank you Karishma for taking up time to perform this task. Hope I don't bore you with my answers.:)
    My official name is Anoop Mathai Mathew. I'll save words and just give a one line description about myself - 'an average indian who likes to think differently'.
    I did my schooling in Kuwait, and now I work in Cochin, Kerala, India as a Network Operations Centre Engineer. I has completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication from Annai Mathammal Sheela Engineering College, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu in the year 2012.
    My parents are still working in Kuwait. I have a younger sister who is learning BSc Psychology and an ever loving grandma at my hometown Edathua, Alleppey, Kerala which happens to be a tourist destination.

    Karishma : Where did you hear about CE and what provoked you to join the community ?
    Anoop :
    Just like most of you folks, I had been looking for project related ideas for a mini project, when Google introduced me to CE.
    What provoked me to join? - well I'd say basic instincts!;) At that time I was quite unsure about my future with engineering, until I got to learn from fellow CEans. This proved to be a good exposure and a great place to start learning.

    Karishma :You have mentioned in one of your posts that you were more interested in Computer Science Engineering but happened to take up ECE. Do you regret that decision of yours and what advice do you give to young Engineers to choose their discipline ?
    Anoop :
    I did regret taking up ECE at that time because it felt incomplete probably due to the fact that learning it wasn't that enjoyable. I am more of a computer science enthusiast. However I don't regret whatever decision i've made now as I got accustomed to communication field of work which comes under my qualification. I believe that everything that happens in life is like parts of a jicksaw puzzle, which will eventually fall in place. And engineering in India does teach you to be versatile in many ways.

    Karishma : Quoting your words in one of the posts “Overall we're unfinished products out of college, stuffed with more than necessary and hardly useful knowledge.” If you were the Principal of an Engineering College, How would you change the system ?
    Anoop :
    I would try my best to bring life to the subjects that each young aspiring engineer is taught in my college. For starters, I would recruit committed teachers for a change. And for those teachers who are already working there, I would help them stand taller among their pupils, not just as good mentors but also try and create a value for teachers as respectable elders. I would value practical application point of view over to blunt theory and try to incorporate as many field trips to related industries and useful workshops (unlike those crash courses some of us used to get) during each semester.
    I do cherish some of my teachers who enlightened me in the same way, both at school and college levels. I owe it to them.

    Karishma : You have mentioned your desire to open up an electronics store one day in one of your comments on CE. Is that really your dream in life ?
    Anoop :
    I am a fan of technology, and electronic gadgets due share a large part of it. Dont get me wrong, I just want to test everything out there! Look and feel and spend time comparing each over the other! And what better way to do that than start an electronics store (hypermarket style)? Maybe it's just a childhood dream.:rolleyes:
    However, primary aim is to secure a fruitful work atmosphere and greatest aim in life is to become known as a writer.

    Karishma : What risk would you take if you knew you could not fail?
    Anoop :
    I am currently in the process of writing a book. Hope the story clicks and I would risk making a movie off it once I find the right producer.:cool:

    Karishma : Tell me one thing which brings a tinkling glow in your eyes just as the one in the eyes of a toddler when he sees toys.
    Anoop :
    When I was a kid:
    Small toy Cars. Remote control cars. I'd design for hours various stunt scenes with my toy set when I was a kid. Those legos blocks, Cartoon Network (Transformers, SWAT cats, etc), Need For Speed and GTA were culprits to boost my imagination too.
    Now that I am a big kid:
    Mobile phones. I remember how two of my buddies and I used to go to shopping malls in Kuwait after tuitions to just look and feel mobile phones. In those days we used to know every detail including second hand rates of almost all models.(For the record, this was back in 2006-2008). We even used to exchange phones with our friends for a day or so, so that everyone gets to personalize with each model. Now - not so much personalization is possible but still I try to satisfy my hunger every once in a while (mom's phone, dad's phone, colleague's phone,etc.):p

    Karishma : We learn from our mistakes, yet we’re always so afraid to make one. Where is this true for you?
    Anoop :
    I want to fly high. That burning desire is within me. But it's always that first fall that I still can't stop trying to avoid. Cynical!

    Karishma : What are the top five things you cherish in your life?
    Anoop :
    Top 5? Well:

    1. I was lucky enough to escape unharmed from the 1990 Iraqi Invasion in Kuwait, where I was born into the arms of war. My dad was at gunpoint at the time my mother gave birth to me. I've written about it on my blog:

    2. Having a wonderful father whom the whole world around you respects, and who has been your greatest inspiration even though he's a simple man.

    3. Mother. Can't thank her enough. A learned man once said to me that I write with such emotion because of the gift I got from my mother's womb; her emotions during the war - to escape, to survive, to live life...! Love you Ma!

    4. Having got a handful of elders as good friends with whom I can share everything and anything - a couple of teachers included.

    5. Being an Indian, I love the fact that India is such an intriguing place full of opportunity that we often fail to see.

    Karishma : One CEan you would like to spend an entire day with.
    Anoop : Each CEan is different- Like casts of a theatrical play! But I am most indebted to @Rupam Das sir. He's a good mentor and friend.

    Karishma : “Living in a city means even you are responsible for it. Right?” This is one your posts on CE. How do you plan to make your city better?
    Anoop :
    Grow trees. I don't own a home in a city yet, but when I do, I would keep it green. That's just me (mom's boy :mrgreen:). If each of us can think in the same way, we can have a cooler environment to cherish.

    Karishma : You have mentioned that you have an old typewriter and a film camera which are not in use.What other collections do you have ?

    Anoop :
    Coins and currencies which are not so old, and a broken watch are the others. Would love to buy an old gramophone and a Grandfather clock in future.

    Karishma :“Don't quit on engineering just because you don't like Mathematics”. This is again your advice to young CEans. How did you deal with subjects you did not like.
    Anoop :
    I tried to learn those subjects which I didn't enjoy. Trying and failing is better than not trying at all. Even if you fail a couple of times, you've got that experience with which you should try to improve within your next attempt. Overall, be true to yourself and don't cheat.

    Karishma : What is the one job/cause/activity that could get you out of bed happily for the rest of your life? Are you doing it now?
    Anoop : Well, hard to point at a particular job right now.
    Being a writer would be cool, and I am working on it along with my current job.

    Karishma : Your words for the fellow CEans.
    Anoop : Don't listen to me or any of us here at CE. We don't determine your future. It's in your own hands. And always remember Sir Thomas Alva Edison's words - "If we did all the things we're capable of, we'd literally astound ourselves."
    So never 'settle' in life, accept new challenges and keep discovering...!:cean:

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  2. Awesome answers @Anoop Mathew :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Good to know more about you Anoop.
    Good Luck!
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  6. Anoop Mathew

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    Thanks :)
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    @Karishma Manwani thank you for taking up @Anoop Mathew. Good to know about you Anoop.

    Well said :thumbsup:
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    Awesome interview 'Namesake' .
    Your quote reminded me
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  9. Ankita Katdare


    Great poem! :)

    Two things -

    1. What is a hyper-market? :sneaky: How can we build one?

    2. That book you are writing. We would love to read a short story from you. An exclusive CE release would be awesome! :cool:
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    Haha. I like that attitude! You got me right on iAnoop!
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    In the Gulf countries, we have hypermarkets like Lulu Hypermarkets, Gulfmart, The Wholesale Centre, Carrefour, etc.
    It's like Costco in USA.

    It is generally a very large setting of A-Z items.

    I want such a setting to do with electronics.

    Exclusive CE release of the short story or the book?

    Meanwhile what could be a meaningful story: 'Race to Freedom'
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    Whatever feels feasible! :)
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    I will definitely post an exemprt once it takes shape. Still on Phase 1 of the process. :rolleyes:o_O:p
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  15. Great interview i had ever read on CE.
    Great questions by @Karishma Manwani and splendid answers that is quite interesting to read and feel by @Anoop Mathew .
    Waiting for your book and I am sure, I will be one of your readers. I am sure you gonna rock because you have that "X Factor" to be a writer.
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    Thanks for your good words :)

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