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Indian Politics : The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Discussion

Discussion in 'The Café - General Discussions On Everything' started by Kaustubh Katdare, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Pensu

    Pensu Star

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    Computer Science
    @Anand Tamariya : I changed my views because Mr. Kejriwal changed! I didn't take any U-turns, I would still have been supporting him if he was doing what he promised. If he was really serious about whatever he was saying. And as far as principles are concerned, his main fight was against corruption, and I am not aware of anything that happened against corruption in those 49 days, except some clerks being transferred and a hotline, which didn't result in anything! So don't say he is compromising everything for the principle, I don't want to say it, but he is still living in the govt. house(Last I checked)! Plus don't forget, he did say that communalism is bigger problem than corruption, that too in front of a group of muslims! Long live vote-bank politics!. So, I guess problems change on the basis of whom you are fighting!

    I was always in support of Modi as well as Kejriwal. Kejriwal didn't (or rather couldn't) execute what he said and that's why I stopped supporting him. During this period he made a govt, distributed some free goods, did a dharna and resigned! There is no U-turn here. Gul Panag was supporting Modi till January 2014, and now, after two months she is criticizing him, that's U-turn for you! That's opportunism! After reading your views about the video, I gotta say, man, you really have seen God in Kejriwal! Just tell me you are not one of the AAPtards on twitter!

    And yeah, one last thing, don't say that this is his only chance, he had a chance and he blew it.
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  2. Kaustubh Katdare


    Engineering Discipline:
    What makes you say so? Remember, he fought for RTI!!

    I think I've decided to take a U-turn and write a more meaningful response in this debate. Looks like Kejriwal fever is invading my senses.

    1. You supported AAP; now you support Modi.

    I should have been clearer. Mea Culpa. I supported Anna Andolan and thought it was all good that Kejriwal was forming a party. I was however not blind to keep supporting him even after watching his actions in Delhi. But all the while; my vote was still for Modi! I never took a U-turn, you see.

    Totally agree. None of us (Modi-Supporters) said Kejriwal has compromised his anti-corruption stand. Our (or at least my) objection is against his lies; which I'll not repeat.

    Looks like you totally missed the point I was trying to make. Even I don't want Kejriwal to die. Else why'd I have spent hours on the streets when he was fasting? But I (and all of the supporters of the movement) were standing because we felt for the man who was sacrificing his life. Had he told us he didn't really mean to die; I'd rather have watched his drama on TV.

    Did he revolt against any of the officers, juniors in the department? I'd love to know. He was a part of the system. He should have tried to clean the taxation department by revolting.

    Do you really know what happened in Delhi and what what was the actual issue? If not, please spend some time reading about it. Here's a short teaser: The LG wrote to the speaker that AAP had not followed the laid down procedures for getting the approval to table the bill. Why'd Kejriwal introduce the 'toothless' bill in first place?

    By the way, BJP and Congress promised to support the bill and only demanded that Kejriwal introduces the bill following the procedure.

    Why does Kejri do? He refuses! Then resigns saying that Congress and BJP aren't supporting Jan Lokpal Bill; and achieves following objectives (set for him by Sonia Gandhi):

    1. He doesn't have to be accountable for the mess he created in 49 days.
    2. He gets time to roam all over India to promote his party.
    3. He gets to throw mud at Modi.
    4. He gets to fight election against Modi.

    It turns out that Kejriwal is a stooge created by Sonia Gandhi to stop NaMo from becoming the Prime Minister.
  3. Kaustubh Katdare


    Engineering Discipline:
    By the way; Jan Lok Pal turns out to be a farce too. Right now, the MNCs have to bribe all the different ministers to get approvals (like Coca Cola has approval to dump all the plastic in Chennai); but with Jan Lokpal; they'll only have to bribe about 11 people to get control of whole India.
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  4. Nayan Goenka

    Engineering Discipline:
    No matter how long you make this debate and keep on repeating your points over and over again, AAP does not believe in giving out solutions. They believe in making a hype out of a problem. Throw mud at everyone.

    Today my start-up is growing fast and we have huge response coming in due to some research and patents we hold now. If in the next 5 years, my start-up gets counted in the biggest IT service sector in India, Mr Kejriwal is gonna come after me and my qualifications. Saying how is this possible. Modi got bribed, inquiries should be done. And at that point, I m literally gonna skin Mr Kejriwal for his retardedness. And if an inquiry actually happen, and they find this thread m writing here on March 18, 2014 at 1644 hrs IST, I really don't give a f**k.

    AAP has done nothing but created confusion in the people. And there are about 1000s of reasons to consider them as Congress B-Team. Anna Hazaare backs Mamata Banerjee who is expected to support NaMo post polls. Kiran Bedi has openly accepted NaMo. Kejriwal is taking Modi head-on in Varanasi with no Congress taking any stand there. AAP made government with Congress support which they heavily failed to handle.

    No matter how simple you think AAP is, he's a joker of Indian Politics as of today. You think he is better than Rahul Gandhi? They must have baby brothers. Both retards and without any track record. If Arvind Kejriwal thinks he can be PM of the nation, I have a stronger claim than him.

    You want people to support Arvind Kejriwal over Narendra Modi, you better start gaining the respect and deserving the support with your actions, not words. Till date, AAP has only words. No actions. No proofs, no failsafe. No backup and no vision. no motto, no policy, no idealogy, no concrete development, no sense and no respect for anything even the people or the law.

    And yes @Anand Tamariya if you think Modi is a hypocrite, atleast people want to hear him because he makes sense. All Arvind Kejriwal does is, "Yeh Chor hai, wo bhi chor hai, hum sarkar banaenge." Listening to Modi gives a sense of respect and pride and safety. Listening to Kejriwal gives a feeling of suicide and frustration.
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  5. Nayan Goenka

    Engineering Discipline:

    Well not exactly only 11 but regulars+11 might do the task.
  6. Nayan Goenka

    Engineering Discipline:
    That sounds more like AAP

    he created double standards for himself by putting everyone else in CHOR category. If the rest are chors and this is how they did, let us see how honesty feels like. And guess what, honesty feels like dishonesty and instability here.

    I guess this should do just fine.

    Krantikari... Bahut hi krantikari!
  7. Anand Tamariya

    Engineering Discipline:
  8. Anand Tamariya

    Engineering Discipline:
    What logic !!! Claps :happy: As if Modi alone can stop it!!!
  9. Nayan Goenka

    Engineering Discipline:
    Dnt taint my quote plz.
  10. Anand Tamariya

    Engineering Discipline:
    Why do I post links - so that sensible people can open the link and read it? But no, Mr. Kaustabh is too lazy to do it and happy to wallow in his dogmatic ideas!!!
    Hint 1: Kejriwal didn't introduce the 'toothless' bill.
    Hint 2: Quoting a summary of events from Wikipedia.

    Anna Hazare fought to get this bill passed[where?], and it did pass on 27 December 2011, around 9:30,[when?] with some modifications. These were proposed as the Jan Lokpal Bill. However, Hazare and his team, as well as other political parties, claimed that the Lokpal Bill passed was weak, and would not serve its intended purpose. So the proposed bill by the ruling Congress Party has yet to be accepted in the Rajya Sabha. As of 29 December 2011, the bill has been deferred to the next parliamentary session, amid much controversy and disruption by the LJP, RJD and SP parties. The media at large, and the opposition parties, claimed the situation had been staged.
  11. Anand Tamariya

    Engineering Discipline:
    What can I say? You jump into the middle of the discussion without reading what I said earlier. So I am tempted to do just the same :)
  12. Nayan Goenka

    Engineering Discipline:
    We didn't say Modi can alone solve it. That came up because your Kejru left government to be a Martyr to sacrifice his chair for a Bill he was introducing without following protocols, for the Bill he didn't have access to, for a Bill which does not guarantee removing corruption. He thinks people are fools and do not understand how to relate chronology.

    And yes, people like you who are blindly following anyone, may it be Kejru or Modi, they should ask questions.
  13. Nayan Goenka

    Engineering Discipline:
    Well I read everything you wrote before so I know where is your recording stuck. You linked a video of Kejriwal's excellence, FYI that video was scripted and even commercialized at specific points.
  14. Nayan Goenka

    Engineering Discipline:

    Holy Cow, you really are turning like Kejriwal. your Where and When links dont make sense.

    And the topic of discussion is Aam Aadmi Party Politics. Please stick to it. If you are for the topic, please support AAP's ideological and factual aspects. Not hypothetical points.

    As for Jan Lokpal Bill is considered, the movement's true aim was to bring the Bill into limelight so that it gets passed and implemented in a workable format which it did. It takes time. A bill cannot be passed in Ramleela Maidan. It has certain protocols mentioned in the constitution to be followed to bring in its credibility.

    Anna Hazaare fought for the Bill, Kejriwal fought for an entry into politics.
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  15. Anoop Kumar

    Anoop Kumar Mentor

    Engineering Discipline:
    Modi is paying you guys to support him. :coffee:
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  16. Kaustubh Katdare


    Engineering Discipline:
    I don't know whether Modi can stop it. But we're at a point in time where we've to choose between Kerjiwal and Modi; and my vote is with Modi.
  17. Pensu

    Pensu Star

    Engineering Discipline:
    Computer Science
    Shit man! I forgot to ask for this month's remuneration. BRB after filling up the form!;)
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  18. mayurpathak

    mayurpathak Maniac

    Engineering Discipline:
    This is looking like an @Anand Tamariya vs the rest debate :) Similar to AK vs the rest debate in the country. To be honest, I'm tired to the hilt explaining people not to follow any one blindly. But still... My 2 cents here
    1. Kejri ceased to be an activist the day he became opportunist, sidelined the Anna movement and formed Aam Aadmi Party. Now AAP is a political party and Kejri an aspiring politician. So he should be looked at as one. The moment I say this, any thing he says start becoming rants and any thing he does start becoming netagiri. So we should evaluate him as a possible candidate for Lok Sabha seat (PS: He is not becoming PM this time around. Its a fact. Accept it. No stupid debates on this please). If you feel he is good, vote for him. Or vote for whoever you think is good. But vote, please!
    2. I have seen AAP supporters go on defensive as soon as I say this but this is a bitter truth. Why do you think Rakhi Sawant gets all the eyeballs and ears apart from the obvious reasons? Because controversy sells. Kejri has used the media wisely. He didn't attack one after the other politician, but only those who will give him all the media glare. For records, he never 'investigated' 2G scamsters or Yeddiyurappa (former BJP CM of Karnataka) or Ajit Pawar (you know what he did to Maharashtra irrigation) or the numerous scams in TN. Because he knew what will give him eyeballs. And he got. Hats off to him :)
    3. Okay he is not Rakhi Sawant. Can we settle for Shobha De? Happy?
    4. Most of us were happy to have a Non-congress Non-BJP alternative. He came close to getting a clear majority in Delhi. I was happy for him. But tell me, as a Delhi citizen how will you feel when you elect a supposedly honest politician, he asks you every time before taking a step, you hand him over the reigns, he promises subsidies galore without telling you how he is going to give it, then goes on a dharna pushing the whole law and order out of gear, chickens out of the dharna, orders BIG probes, audits, moves SC over petty issues, openly accuses any one he can remember, and then chickens out because opposition parties oppose your method of Lokpal Bill. And didnt ask the public if he should quit. So what if they oppose? Its their job to oppose ruling party. And its yours to convince them and find an amicable solution. Don't you believe in trying second time?
    5. Now about Modi- I have seen a little bit and heard a lot from people of Gujarat about the development there. Some things might be visible and some things might not be. Some things might be good and some things might not be. But one can not say that he has done nothing. It is not easy be incompetent and still sweep elections 15 years in a row. BJP has done it in 2 other states (MP, CG) and could have done it in Raj had it not been for in-party revolt during Raje's tenure. Besides, I can't see a possible candidate half as good as Narendra Modi.
    6. Kejri could have been a possible candidate, save his rhetoric on almost every one. Why will any sane Indian support a guy who only talks negativity? Will he go on a dharna as a PM too? What will happen to the businesses who are instrumental in country's infrastructural growth?
    7. I want to ask this question to Mr. Kejriwal and/or all his supporters. What is your view about the gas pricing? If Reliance, ONGC, BG or whoever involved refuses to work at the gas price which you suggest, what will you do? (Don't give procedural answers that we will do re-tendering. Thats obvious.)
    PS: Besides the rate given to Reliance was arrived at by a Congress led committee. What has Modi got to do with it? Also, ONGC controls 2/3rd of the gas basin. So the biggest beneficiary of price rise was the government itself.)
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  19. Nayan Goenka

    Engineering Discipline:
    I got my MODI PAYCHECK this month. Lemme see if yours is in process @Pensu . M sure there must be a confusion. :p

    And yea @Anand Tamariya please don't feel yourself in position of alone warrior in debate like Kejru does always. The side you chose has nothing to sell on. Not your fault.
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  20. Issue

    Issue Knight

    Engineering Discipline:
    Everyone appears to be the same.
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