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iMac & Macbook Hardware Requirements For OSX Yosemite?

Discussion in 'Gadgets | Software | Apps' started by Kaustubh Katdare, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. Kaustubh Katdare


    Engineering Discipline:
    I'm wondering which iMac and Macbook machines will be able to run the OSX Yosemite. Given that the major improvements are on the GUI front and the new features may not be hardware intensive, I'm assuming that all the machines shipped since 2010 should be able to run the new OSX. Let's say if your machine can run OSX Mavericks, you should be able to run OSX Yosemite.

    Will keep an eye on the hardware specs requirements and update this discussion as soon as I find some concrete information.
  2. Ankita Katdare


    Engineering Discipline:
    Computer Science
    I got a list of the devices that will support the OS X 10.10 Yosemite Developer Preview -
    • iMac (mid-2007 or newer)
    • MacBook Air (late 2008 or newer)
    • MacBook (Late 2008 Aluminum, or Early 2009 or newer)
    • Mac Mini (Early 2009 or newer)
    • MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer)
    • Mac Pro (Early 2008 or newer)
    • Xserve (Early 2009)
    PS: I have a feeling that the Yosemite looks a lot like iOS. :coffee:
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