How To Answer "Why Should We Hire You?" Interview Question?

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  1. Kaustubh Katdare


    Imagine you're being interviewed for a position at CrazyEngineers. It doesn't matter what discipline you belong to and what role you're being chosen for, so pick up any of your choice. The interviewer has made up his/her mind to select you but needs to be very confident about the decision. So, the interviewer asks you -

    "Tell me, why should we hire you?"

    Post your answers. Let's see what you come up with. We'll then analyze your responses and find out how to answer such questions in actual interviews.

    PS: I'd recommend you to compose your own answer before reading what others have said.
  2. Sada

    Sada Star

    Well, I may not be able to say exactly why should you hire me but I could definitely say how I could strive for the company. I enjoy doing work, passionate about learning new things and adaptable. I believe everybody does this. But the race is about how fast you do that and I can assure you that I can do it in best way.
    Just give me chance, I will prove it! :)
  3. Sada

    Sada Star

    Won't work?? :(
  4. shreyasm89

    shreyasm89 Certified CEan

    Sir, I am a very passionate person not only about work, but life in general. Whatever work I do I intend to do my best in it and try to achieve best results. My career goals are pretty much in line with the profile your company has offered and as a result I will be highly enthusiastic as well as motivated to accomplish the expected performance by the company.
    What say?
  5. Kaustubh Katdare


    Updating reserved space:

    A typical interviewer would love to hear the summary of positive points you've mentioned (your skills, knowledge, passion for subjects/technology, experience etc.) through your answer. Be humble and say "I believe I've performed well through the interview so far however I could have been better. (Use your own judgment while saying that!). It'd be my pride to work with your organization and I'll try my best handle the responsibilities and tasks allotted to me. I believe that with my current knowledge of <technologies or tools > I can get started and pick up new things on the job."

    Of course you should NOT repeat this verbatim in interview and use your own answer. Just don't make suggestions to the Interviewer like "I am the best for the job" or "I am better than others" or "I'm perfect for the job". Say what you believe and let the Interviewers make the decision.
  6. Sada

    Sada Star

    Come On CEans, Answer Quickly!
    We are waiting for the suggestions/Feedback :)
  7. well sir,
    i believe i am the exact person for whom your choosing as we all think to place our company at first place i am a person who thinks always to keep my effort on my work so i can assure you that i am fit for the job
    i believe i had good communication and leadership skills with challenging spirit to solve the problems occurs before me
    if you expect me an example i can give you

    hey ce'ans this is my answer correct me if i had any mistakes
  8. My answer , I dont recollect it perfectly but this is the summary of my answer.

    Q: Why should we hire you?

    A: Well, I am good at communication skills, and I am a quick learner. I am passionate about computers (this is lie) and technologies (again lie). I have a positive approach , so whatever the situation it is I think and I am sure that I will come out of it.!!

    Next Q: Tell me what you know about computers?
    This was an unexpected question , however I have answered this saying all about it what I know.

    Next Q: What technologies you know?
    I only know the names of Java, Dot Net thats at not even Cobol or pascal.

    But , he selected me on that day though.
  9. i am not shocked with your interview and your appointment because just yesterday my college tnp sir told most of the interviewers check our skills but not the exact qualifications and grades or aggregates just 25% ask about aggregate others ask about skills we had
    anyway tnp means training and placement cell
  10. durga

    durga Star


    my profile suits the role you posted as vacant :-|.
  11. Sada

    Sada Star

    hmm, What happens if they ask questions on Java or .Net?
  12. I would just say,

    JAVA = J A V A , I mean I would have just spelled them.

    Actually I said I know those technologies by names and the question was also the same.

    I guess I have confused you guys,.
  13. Ankita Katdare


    Do you mean they will select you if you give that reply?
  14. No not at all, actually the question was what you know by names literally, not by coding or understanding perspective.

    I was a fresher by then and only questions on C are to be asked.
  15. Kaustubh Katdare


    Updated my earlier reserved post. :)
  16. Sada

    Sada Star

    Thanks for your Suggestion :)
    Will follow!
  17. Somi

    Somi Certified CEan

    I found this reply in a site...

    why you should't hire me sir? i have all the qualities that your company expect.

    I personally found it quite impressive.Just the right dose of confidence.
  18. Kaustubh Katdare


    How would a candidate know what the hiring company is expecting? I'd consider it as over-confidence.
  19. @somi how can you consider yourself as you had all the qualities
    no will have all the qualities
    its impossible
  20. optimystix

    optimystix Addict

    and isn't your own answer assertive enough ?
    guess you read the point that biggie made..

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