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Help converting 6v dc to 6v ac

Discussion in 'Electrical | Electronics | Communications' started by Rocuro, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Rocuro

    Rocuro Certified CEan

    I am trying to figure out how to convert a small current, say a 1 amp 6v battery, into 6v ac power. I have a bizarre lamp that runs off a power adapter. I want to power it by battery, not by wall-wart. Can you help me with a simple circuit (I'm quite a nube so the more specific the better) or even a lead on a supplier?

    Many thanks!
  2. jrsbejer

    jrsbejer Newbie

    Just search POWER CONVERTER on Google. There is a lot of prototype there.
  3. sauravgoswami

    sauravgoswami Rookie

    well using a buck-boost inverter you can acheive 6Vac from 6Vdc,or any inverter circuit available!!!
  4. icehari

    icehari Certified CEan

    you can use inverter circuit to change dc into ac but i don't know the exact circuit name..
  5. Rifaa

    Rifaa Apprentice

    U know it's not feasible what u are trying.
    First of all a 6V inverter is not practical. Inverters are really have low efficiency to begin with, and to think a 6V at mere 1A. the battery will flatten with in minutes, power loss is too much at low voltages.
    SO inverter for tht purpose is a waste of time.
    what u need is an electronic choke to light the bulb. an electronic ballast.
    It is like a inverter but not quite so. output wave is a modified sine wave to suite ones need .
    still loss is high and a 1A cell won't last long.
    get a high intensity white LED. it will be more than adequote
  6. sauravgoswami

    sauravgoswami Rookie

    i think once we achive AC voltage we can use a transformer to achive require current and voltage...or even it can be used for ballast!!!
  7. Rifaa

    Rifaa Apprentice

    It's not get AC u have to have ferrite core transformer. but the switching loss is high and low power input could not give a significant output.
    U know I did try this and is a wast of time on my part.
  8. reachrkata

    reachrkata Apprentice


    Thinking on totally different lines, if your aim is just to light a lamp that runs on 6V ac with a 6V dc supply, I think you don't need to do anything !
    By 6Vac I assume that it is 6Vrms. That being the case, just connect your bulb directly to the 6V battery and your bulb will glow with the same brightness as with 6V ac (since power dissipation is the same).

    Of course as a learning you sure can do a dc-ac converter.
    Check this out for a simple example -

    - Karthik
  9. Rifaa

    Rifaa Apprentice

    I agree on tht...but the problem arises if the bulb uses gas to glow, if it is not filament u need varying voltage and also an igniter.
    and the circuit u mentioned will quite well but think about the power input. What i am telling is a 6W input is not feasible. You'll need a higher AH battery. Tht's all
  10. Rocuro

    Rocuro Certified CEan

    Thanks gang. I really can't change over from AC as the lamp is a collection of 3 parts, an ac motor that rotates an inner lamp and a string of smaller lamps. I tried running the whole thing off DC alone and could get one of the lamp bulbs to light, but no motor and the light strand did not work. I suppose I could buy a 12v to 110 ac inverter, and then use the ac adaptor, but I thought you might have a lead on a simpler circuit.

    I am checking out reachrkata's link now.
  11. Rifaa

    Rifaa Apprentice

    :confused:. previously u wanted 6VAC now 110VAC.
    Please be specific. Show a sketch of u'r plans
    then we could of more help.
  12. Rocuro

    Rocuro Certified CEan

    I definitely want 6v ac. The 110v is my way of giving up.

    Maybe if I go with a heavier battery? I'd like it to run for an hour or two between charges. Would a 6 amp battery still be too low? Maybe I should try to identify the current drain with a meter.

    Plans: I have a lamp that I want to be mobile. It uses a 110 v wall adapter that outputs 6v ac. I want to power it with a battery.
  13. Rifaa

    Rifaa Apprentice

    Like I said if u go for high Ampere hour battery than u could do it.
    No problem.
  14. Rocuro

    Rocuro Certified CEan

  15. Rifaa

    Rifaa Apprentice

    hmm it's a ferrite core inductor
  16. sauravgoswami

    sauravgoswami Rookie

    sure buddy,we are waiting for your feedback!!!

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