GATE Preparation for 1st Year B.Tech?

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    Am into my 1st year i want to appear and get good rank in gate 2017..suggest me ebooks and links of study materials related to it..where to start for it..? i saw in another thread where someone says preparing for UG syllabus is enough while other says strictly no..u should do something extra for that.. plz say me where and how to start from my 1st year
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    yes,gate requires preparation from starting itself,and what u need to do is u r nw 1st year so 1st refer once gate syllabus for ur branch and according to your branch u will have some core subjects like if u r from ece u will hav m1,network,edc those subjects don't read them as u prepare for an exam but prepare basics well and at the same time u need to practice problems becoz in gate exam time is crucial ..
  3. mmm111

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    am from IT
  4. vikasjoseph

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    k u r from IT so concentrate on more maths and refer once syllabus of ur branch from website it will be like computer science and information technology check it out once and see if any 1st yr subjects are there r nt and hav a plan or time table efford 1 or 2 hrs daily from the beginning u will get good rank..
  5. Abhishek Rawal


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    Whichever subjects B.E will cover in syllabus 'til 6th semester, will be the course of GATE. (There's more too, but most of the subjects for GATE are covered in B.E. course only)
    So, don't ignore any core field subject & make sure your basics are firm.
  6. Jeffrey Samuel

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    Prepare for the Vocab test that is the best you can do in the first year the core subjects are yet to come So you can prepare for that a little later

    And also prepare for TOEFEL
  7. SarathKumar Chandrasekaran

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    As our fellow CEans said, Concentrate more on the core subjects.Get the syllabus for your field and note down the subjects.Dont complicate it.Study the desired subject during its specified semester.Maintain a note for all problems and formulae.
    If you get free time refresh those notes.All the best for your career.Best of luck.:happy:
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    The following tips should be kept in mind before starting the preparation:

    • The most important thing is to make a proper schedule before starting the preparation of the examination.
    • Go through the syllabus of the exam mentioned in the Gate brochure.
    • Group all the relevant books for the subject. They should include the books for Fundamental and basic concepts as well as for specific problems, guide books for GATE and previous year question papers.
    • Always follow standard books for GATE. Expertise in whatever portion of syllabus you practice.
    • Make notes for faster revision.
    • Go through the previous year question papers and try to solve them. This will help you know where you stand.
    • Start preparing from the initial topics i.e. the basic ones and note down the basic concepts (definitions, unit, dimension etc.) as well as necessary theories, formulae etc.
    • Try to apply your own logics and tricks in solving problems and note it down so that you don't forget them because it will save your time in the examination hall.
    • Finally, go for tests based on whole syllabus and if necessary take help of others in conducting tests.
    • One month before the examination you should keep on revising the course as many times as possible so that on the day before the exam you will be prepared enough to crack the exam.
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  9. Tushar2709

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    I am from 1st year from civil branch.suggest me how to prepare for gate.time management and syllabus.also tell me the way for preparing it
  10. Pradeep Somu

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    Find some subject that you are really interested in and master that first, it will help you decide about what to do after you finish engineering...
  11. gbit

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    Computer Science
    You must first priotitize your first year engineering semester, Then you can begin your preparations second year onwards, slowly and smoothly. Check out the gate syllabus and you will get an idea about preparing for it.
  12. Gloria S. Akins

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    Preparing from first year is a good move. But, GATE is itself a very tough competition to appear. I would suggest you to start your preparation from 5th or 6th semester. Till that time you will have ample of experience in engineering as well which will help you in Gate.
  13. Ankita Katdare


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    Computer Science
    @ All Some of the top recommended books for B.Tech Civil Engineering GATE preparation are as under:

    Civil Engineering (Objective Type Questions) by S. P. Gupta
    Basic Civil Engineering by Dr. B. C. Punmia Ashok / Kr. Jain Arun/ Kr. Jain
    Civil Engineering ( Question Bank ) by H S Bhatia
    Civil Engineering Drawing by V. B. Sikka
    Engineering Mechanics and Elements of Civil Engineering by S. S. Bhavikatti, S. K. Duggal
    Creating Value in Engineering by Institution Of Civil Engineers
  14. Sid.devil0011

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    Computer Science
    I am a CSE student in FY , can u suggest some books for gedtting through FY and also start for GATE
  15. Ankita Katdare


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    Computer Science
    Hello @Sid.devil0011 Welcome to CrazyEngineers.
    It is great that you want to start preparing for GATE right from the 1st year of engineering.

    Here are the top books I suggest to begin your preparations:

    1. The C Programming language - Dennis Richie
    2. Introduction to Algorithms - Cormen
    3. Theory of Computation An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata - Peter Linz
    4. Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach - Kurose & Ross
    5. Operating System Concepts - Galvin
    6. Database System Concepts - Korth
    7. Compilers: Principles, Techniques and Tools - Aho& Ullman

    I suggest that you carefully go through your first year syllabus and align your studies of each subject with the subjects in that particular semester. This will help you to not cram-up a lot at a time. Since you are starting very early, you have sufficient time to cover each subject in-depth and gain good understanding of basic concepts.

    This will help a lot when you start solving practice questions for GATE in next 2-3 years.
  16. aayushmdesai

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    Computer Science
    Help please!
    I am from computer engineering FY.
    On what subjects i should concentrate on ?
    And which books should i prefer for gate,gre both.
    Suggest please..
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