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Commit To Stick - CrazyEngineers Stickers Giveaway!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kaustubh Katdare, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. MANU vijayan

    MANU vijayan Newbie

    "I think CrazyEngineers is the family of Engineers where interactions,knowledge sharing happens among family members so crazily.
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  2. hardik.ez

    hardik.ez Newbie

    I think CrazyEngineers is the best website in this category at present.
    Loaded with so much information, you will never go back without answers.
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  3. Kishore Grandhi

    Kishore Grandhi Apprentice

    I think CrazyEngineers is all about the engineers for whom the world and share the knowledge in different facilities exists in society.
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  4. I think crazy engineer website creates good and skilled engineers for our nation and it brings new innovative ideas to engineers
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  5. Ankita Katdare


    I think we should remove the less than 20 words limit. I fear I am reading alternate forms of the same sentence. ;)
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  6. I think crazy engineers.... are not implementing that much crazyness about technology or engineering.
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  7. I think Crazy Engineers is a great forum for the emerging engineers to know the latest updates of their core... its simple ways of sharing knowledge..
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    RISHABH LALA Enthusiast

    I think CrazyEngineers is nothing about craziness,
    Its all about Creativity,Creation & Credence.
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  9. jaisinghk

    jaisinghk Newbie

    I think CrazyEngineers is a good site for the crazy guys around who need a place to share anything and everything
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  10. naga lakshmi

    naga lakshmi Apprentice

    I think crazy engineers is a best platform to all engineers to develop our knowledge in our field, puzzles...amazing website...:cean:
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  11. Kaustubh Katdare


    Update: Fresh Batch Of Stickers Ordered! Should arrive by end of this month straight from USA :mrgreen:.
  12. So cool as ever. Are they different from previous one ? Is there size variation?
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  13. Kaustubh Katdare


    Nope, same as the earlier ones. We found out that these stickers are best for the laptops and most of the places where CEans have used them.

    In the next few weeks, we'll have a limited edition stickers. These will be different than the regular ones.
  14. I think crazy engineers are the king of their own era
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  15. sachin_mvk

    sachin_mvk Apprentice

    I think "Crazy Engineers is the source of my knowledge"
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  16. gopaldeshpande

    gopaldeshpande Apprentice

    I think "Crazy Engineers" is the only forum for engineers where one can access tons of information.My best wishes to this forum.
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  17. Kaustubh Katdare


    A gentle reminder to everyone who ordered the stickers in the first lot - please upload the photos of your stickers in our sticker showoff. We'd really love to see how are you using the stickers :)
  18. Anand Vardhan

    Anand Vardhan Enthusiast

    Still stickerless I am. :(
  19. Patience my boy, patience ! :)

    You'll get them soon. :cean:
  20. Anand Vardhan

    Anand Vardhan Enthusiast

    Hm. :coffee:

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