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Commit To Stick - CrazyEngineers Stickers Giveaway!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kaustubh Katdare, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. I think CrazyEngineers is my daily dose of all happening things in this universe. It's just awesome way for me to start my day.
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  2. chetan wagh

    chetan wagh Newbie

    I think Crazy Engineers is a best way to interact with all over engineers:cean: world.The name crazy engineers is enough to describe us:cean:
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  3. *Not participating*
    I think Crazy Engineers is a place where i understood true meaning of value and passion and ofcourse engineer.
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  4. zahra nazari

    zahra nazari Newbie

    Crazy Engineers is the only website which makes me feel good of being crazy and craziness! (love and need your stickers badly!)
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  5. Pritesh soni.

    Pritesh soni. Apprentice

    I think crazyengineer is great start where one can be updated with the latest news on tech. & can discuss whatever he/she want to with crazy peoples.:)
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  6. Prashu@

    Prashu@ Newbie

    "I think CrazyEngineers is the only place where you can be updated with the latest inovations and news in the technology world with freedom to quote your reviews on it"
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  7. Kaustubh Katdare


    Very nice entries. Keep them coming. We'll announce all the winners very soon! :)
  8. Pranav MK

    Pranav MK Newbie

    When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive—to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love,To Be CrAzY EnGiNeEr—then make that day count:cean:
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  9. I think CrazyEngineers is perfect in technical , brainstorming discussion. these solves most of our problems. It gives new innovotive ideas.
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  10. Gurjeet Singh

    Gurjeet Singh Maniac

    I think Crazy Engineers is passion which energies me to feel the power that comes from focusing to each thread"
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  11. meetramprasad

    meetramprasad Apprentice

    I think Crazy Engineers are "A Real Engineers"....
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  12. Aadit Kapoor

    Aadit Kapoor Addict

    I love, its like heaven to me! Crazyengineers is like the biggest blossom in a tree, You are the paramount of Success, I think your website was born for me.

    And if I get the stickers, then i will stick the stickers on my heart!:);)
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  13. Great responses so far!
    Many newbies posting in this thread which indicates a good healthy growth @Kaustubh Katdare .

    I already got it (so to just post my view) but can't resist to post here.
    I love crazyengineers because " Its a one stop billboard where all crazy engineering ideas popping out now and then"
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    #33 SarathKumar Chandrasekaran, Jun 11, 2014
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  14. I think CrazyEngineers is the only place where they built crazy ideas in young minds to become a start up Entrepreneur, by giving a clean slit about upcoming technologies, resources, etc.
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  15. forgot to add 'To Corners of the world'
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  16. Harshad Italiya


    I think CrazyEngineers provides you a great platform to keep up-to-date with technology, CEans are always ready to help as much as they can and the more time you spend on CE more you feel like your second home.
  17. shree185

    shree185 Newbie

    I think crazy engineers was really making good for technical works by connecting all other field or same field of engineers.
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  18. shree185

    shree185 Newbie

    Really really good work for an engineers who are getting help from others to make the world beautiful.
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  19. I think crazy engineers is place that actually realized me (and is still doing so) how it feels like to be an engineer full of curosity and madness. Blessed to be a part of it.
    Long live CE.
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  20. Crazy Engineers is a great place to learn from other engineers - some of whom, unlike myself, appear to not be crazy...
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