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CDAC Bangalore Placements

Discussion in 'Internship | Training | Certifications' started by Kaustubh Katdare, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. aits

    aits Enthusiast

    milan i m in desd banglore present batch and first of all congrts..u will get ur pune/hyd/bang...which ever may be ur 1st choice...but as per my advise u can go for hyd ofr desd...or if u are vey comfortable with linux-os then only i will advise u to go with pune/bang as pune+bang has 1 common faculty called BABU sir which is GOD of Operating System but for an average student will not be able to get from his has its level is very high and truely speaking in my batch there are 88 students out of which only 7-8 are getting from babu sir all others are not comfortable with that clearity in doubt he has very good knowledge but its not worth untill u grasp it from him..which is very tough for many guys...i m not putting him down but our level is not that much....u take my advise pune+bang both are good but pune is strict and banglore isnt..knowledge + facukty are very good in both pune+bang for desd but as for desd guy he shoukd be comfortable with os+rtos+esp(device drivers) which all is taught by one common faculty babu sir...i also had 1 frnd in pune in desd only there babu sir is very strict and in small period of time he teaches very fast in pune as he thinks that all cream students are in oune while in same amount of time in banglore he teaches only 60% as banglore is not strict but if u have a good knowledge in os then u got to pune and if u want to learn slowly then go for bang..also schedule in pune is worst as 2 modules are running at same time while in banglore only 1 module at a time..just think twice between pune+bangalore also think hyderabad as it is hub for embedded and all papers for desd are set by hyd and not pune+bang also in bangalore some modules are taken very lightly like andriod but for desd os+rtos+esp is of luck..and think twice and then fill ur choice ...if u have any query abt placement and centres then feel free to ask...

    #TheFLASHKICKER Apprentice

    Hey thanx it was helpful fr me too...
    i m also planning to study in cdac pune or bangalore, bt in WiMC....
    Do u have ny idea abt that?
    i mean training & placement wise?
  3. oprime

    oprime Enthusiast

    Do we have to learn about OS, RTOS and Device Drivers even before we have joined the course? Or is everything taught here?
  4. chand123

    chand123 Apprentice

    i got Rank 395 in desd which is best center for me
  5. Rvi

    Rvi Apprentice

    i also want to know the same
    there are many discussions on DAC and DESD courses and the placements are good in these course, but what about WiMC,
    I got ~750 rank in WiMC and 990 rank for DESD
    graduation from ECE stream but now interest is in WiMC and their placements, confused:confused:
  6. Jaideep Nagra

    Jaideep Nagra Newbie

    Thanx for sharing the information.
    I got 57 rank in Section A+B+C in CCAT 2013. I want to pursue DESD course but i'm having a tough time deciding the center.
    In the above post one person (oprime) said that only 14 out of 93 got placed, this added to my worries as I have already decided to opt for Bangalore.
    I just want to know how far is it true.
    Also i'm not having any prior knowledge of Linux, should I start preparing for these as prerequisite for this course ?
  7. nav1991

    nav1991 Newbie

    I got 265 rank in section A+B and I have got course rank 116 in DiWMC and 121 in DSSD.I want to know which is better DiWMC,CDAC-Pune or DSSD,CDAC-Bangalore??
    What are there placements records?
  8. oprime

    oprime Enthusiast

    If you have a Facebook profile, search for the CDAC DESD Bangalore group. I obtained my information by reading the comments to the questions posted by others.
    I had contacted someone of that batch. It seems that in the end around 40 people out of 93 got a job in the end. (I do not know whether the rest of the people got jobs via on campus placement or off campus)
  9. Ipsa Narang

    Ipsa Narang Newbie

    Hie! This is regarding August 2013 batch. I got 916 rank in desd. N I really wanna get in blore knowledge park. Is there any chance I can get in?
  10. Ipsa Narang

    Ipsa Narang Newbie

    And I also wanna know if the automation course, dass any good? Do they hav common placements wherein one can sit for a company irrespective of the course they are in?
  11. Ipsa Narang

    Ipsa Narang Newbie

    Hie! Can you guys pls reply to my posts?
  12. what about the placement and teachers at electronic city bangalore ????
    please reply.
  13. vishaldoob

    vishaldoob Newbie

    @Kaustubh Katdare - I am confused about ,how to give preference for the following institues
    CDAC Pune
    Sunbeam Gultekdi Pune
    CDAC Bengaluru (e-City)
    IACSD Akurdi Pune
    Sunbeam Inst of Info Tech Karad
    CDAC Mumbai(Kharghar)
    CDAC Bengaluru (Knowledge Park)
    CDAC Hyderabad
    MET-IIT Bandra Mumbai
    VITA Juhu Mumbai

    kastubh plz help me in this
  14. Cyborg 009

    Cyborg 009 Addict

    dont go hijacking other threads ..
    The site is well organized can find the discussion here
  15. aits

    aits Enthusiast

    for wimc if u going then bangalore is worst as no good faculty and no studies are there in bang for wimc ....try pune and u can try sunbeam pune good for wimc then u try banga as last option and placemnt is 40% in banga for wimc
    in last batch....there is time pass in wimc + dass in bangalore thats my fnds are facing problems in bang obnly dac+desd+dssd is good
  16. mehta023

    mehta023 Apprentice

    hii I got 112 rank in DAC ... I m confused how to give preferences , should I go with CDAC Pune or CDAC Banglore I have 1 year gap and my btech percentage is 68% ,... And plz do tell that companies coming for placements consider this gap after btech and low percentage ??
  17. aits

    aits Enthusiast

    no dude they will surely teach but u wont get until u have some background of os
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  18. aits

    aits Enthusiast

    till now my seniors placement was almost 50% and if u dont have knowledge in os then i think u should start now onwards and if u get pune.bangalore then babu sir module will be in vain until u have linux knowledge he will teach lika a rocket science is going on in class and the level of babu sir is like that he is teaching to phd guys ...and u wont get any thing...THIS IS FACT AS I M VICTIM OF THIS CASE TOO...
  19. aits

    aits Enthusiast

    wimc in bangalore is the worst so dont join wimc in bangalore but u can go to sunbeam/acts-pune

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