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CAT Online Demo

Discussion in 'CAT' started by Kaustubh Katdare, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. Kaustubh Katdare


    If you've some free time, I encourage you to take the CAT online test here: Comprehensive Demo

    CAT is supposed to be the toughest entrance exam in the world. Not that the questions are difficult - but the speed at which you're required to solve them is super!

    Do post your experience here.
  2. Anil Jain

    Anil Jain Star

    Very well designed demo. This surely will help CAT takers, for taking the final CAT exam. Meanwhile, personally I felt that questions level of this demo paper was slightly on the easier side.

  3. gauthamkumar

    gauthamkumar Certified CEan

    Have you looked at Snapwiz ( I think its a cool way to prepare 4 last minute. Take the tests there and compare your percentile score. They have full lenght tests and the pattern is similar to CAT CBT. I heard the tests are from CH .The reports r gud .Take a test and know where u stand in u r preparation level thru projected score.The site is good n not at all clluttered.... I found it very useful for my preparation . They have some promotional offer going on so Hurry UP!!!! .I registered thru the promotional code - SW100CAT.

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