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BSNL Has Stopped All Night Unlimited Broadband Plans From July

Discussion in 'The Café - General Discussions On Everything' started by Satya Swaroop Dash, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. I was awoken by a certain SMS today morning which was from BV-BSNLCare saying

    This was shocking because I was suffering from fever in the last two days and my broadband was on from 2am to 8pm since it was night unlimited plan (BBG FN 600 Combo). So I headed immediately to the BSNL Selfcare website and found that they had taken into account the night time usage in it. Furious I decided to give them a call at 1500. The customer care person was patient and heard my query and said that all BSNL broadband plans with Night Unlimited option has been cancelled from the month of July. He also informed me that the company had sent SMSes and emails to all the customers from 27th of June to 1st July informing the same. Trouble was I never got any SMS or email, the only SMS I received was that I had reached my usage limit. I went straight to the BSNL local head office and they confirmed this news again. Sadly I had to change my plan to BB Home Combo ULD 675 which provides 512kbps flat and 100 free calls out of which half are to other networks.

    So if you have a BSNL Night Unlimited plan make sure to keep your usage in check and find out what plan they have redirected you to.
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  2. Abhishek Rawal


    I have also changed my BSNL plan from Night ULD BBG FN 630 to Home Combo ULD 649, which has pretty nice to offer. Home Combo 649 ULD provides 2 Mbps of speed for first 4 GB & flat 512 kbps after that.

    I was looking for flat 1 Mbps plan, sadly couldn't find one without fup.
  3. Kaustubh Katdare


    That's bad news of the year! BSNL's regular services are pathetic and I just wish that they lower the prices of their fibre offering; which I'm really happy with.

    I think FUP is quite abused; but I don't see why're they putting in restrictions. In Hyderabad Beam Telecom's kicking everyone's ass. CEans from Hyderabad may comment.
  4. Abhishek Rawal


    That varies from location to location. The place where I live, I file a complain & they arrive within 3-4 hours & solves technical problem, instantly.

    Now I gotta browse couple of websites to learn why the frak FUP was introduced by TRAI.
  5. Kaustubh Katdare


    Gujarat...Maharashtra - it's different, sire!
  6. Abhishek Rawal


    My first six words says the same shit, doesn't it ? :coffee:
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  7. This change is more irritating because except for BSNL and Ortel Communications, here in Odisha we do not have any more broadband service providers. At least in other states you get service providers like Airtel, Tikona and You Broadband, etc. I called up a friend at Hyderabad to convey this news and when I heard the broadband plan he is using I was flabbergasted. He was paying Rs. 599 to Pioneer Broadband for a 2Mbps connection unlimited download plan and he is thinking of updating it to the Rs. 749 plan that gives him 4Mbps unlimited plan. Why is TRAI’s FUP nonsense not applicable in Hyderabad?
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  8. I have finally got my hands on the official circular stating the changes in the broadband plans. As you can see in the PDF file below users of night unlimited plans will be charged Rs. 0.15 for every MB they download from 2.00 am to 8.00 am and shall continue paying Rs. 0.30 for every MB they exceed after they have exhausted their usage. Plan names have also been changed from FN to CNT and as we had informed you above the changes are applicable from 1st July.

    PDF File Link:

    I dug up some more information regarding the SMS and email dispatch fiasco and found out that none of the people I contacted received an email but folks who had registered their BSNL cell number with the service provider got the SMS. So if you have registered any other service provider number chances are you didn’t get the SMS.
  9. @Abhishek Rawal Have you got the phone & broadband bill for the month of july? BSNL seems to billed me from my old plan even after charging the one time fees to change the plan. The bill a whopping Rs. 2395
  10. Abhishek Rawal


    Yup received it two days ago. They haven't charged me as per old plan. Mine is all good, just 730 INR.
  11. I am planning to storm the local office tomorrow with my query as they are not picking up calls on the 1500 number.
  12. Abhishek Rawal


    They never pickup calls on 1500. It's always better to visit the office tomorrow & give detailed explanation. They will ask you to fill some kinda complain form & issue will be resolved asap. One of my friend received 28,000 INR bill for Night Unlimited Plan. There was a bug in their system, If a user with Night Unlimited Plan (2to8) starts internet at 1 am & doesn't restarts modem at 2 am then system considers as 1 am & since 1 am is not in unlimited data time slot, it was charged for 1am to 8am for 30 consecutive days, even though only 1 hour i.e 1am to 2am was supposed to be charged, which was resolved later on.
  13. @Abhishek Rawal
    As it turns out my assumption about the bill was wrong and they have actually charged me properly as per their rules. You see, I changed the plan on the 4th of July when I knew about the plan change, so according to their system for the first four days of the month I was on the old plan. So all the night unlimited download was counted at the right rate as per CNT plan and charged. From the 5th the plan changed to ULD 675 and they charged me properly.

    Tip: If you think that you have exceeded your limited usage plan and converting into an unlimited plan will help your bills in check you are mistaken. BSNL will charge you for the usage and a modified rental for the old plan before moving to your new one.
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