Automatic solar street light control

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    i am doing project on above topic. In this project decided to include following features i.e
    1)LED bulb should on and off and also bright and dim according darkness.
    2)The main additional thing is when battery is not charging or dead then LED should automatically on with AC mains supply also. (Here AC is converted into DC)& also when battery is not charging then it should charged from mains ac. But i do not know which micro controller should use and also do not know how to write program for that. please suggest me any idea i have to complete this project within 20 days.....
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    This is good project and also implemented in some cities. Let us know how much you have worked on this project.
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    Do you need a processor at all? A voltage sensing solidstate relay can do the switching between mains and battery. A light dependent resistor can switch on the lights when ambient light goes below some set limit.
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