A Raghuram Rajan-Narendra Modi team can be good news for India

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    One is amused and yet troubled by the recent media discussion on the non-issue of whether Raghuram Rajan will continue as RBI Governor in case a Narendra Modi government takes over. This is a non-issue because whether we look at the matter from Modi's point of view or Rajan's. Their staying together is such an obvious win-win outcome that it is a no-brainer. Indeed,the two are made for each other and the country badly needs both of them.

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    I think he will continue; because my little analysis shows that there's nothing much he (or anyone occupying his seat) can do in current scenario. A strong government itself would send out a very positive signal in the markets. While I strongly oppose 'globalisation', I sincerely hope that the next government will work on boosting the manufacturing segment in India. India once accounted for 33% of the world's trade and now we're on the closer size of nada.

    Manufacturing and exporting is bound to generate a ton of jobs for both skilled and non-skilled Indians in the next ~2 years. If Modi makes it to the PM's post with 272+; I expect a lot of revamp in the defense segment.

    Plus, I believe the railways can help boost India's economy in big time! Let railways be operated in the public-private partnership and allow private railways to run on the tracks.

    If Modi (272+) is what we're going to have; I'm 100% confident that the economy is going to get back on the track in just a few weeks.
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