A Common Agenda For CE City Meets

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  1. deepu11111111

    deepu11111111 Apprentice

    Thanks a lot for your support AbraKaDabra . I will start my work from now and also i will take the help of CEans who belongs to this area .
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  2. Ankita Katdare


    Send me a PM if you need any kind of help from our side. :thumbsup:
  3. Phenomenal

    Phenomenal Rookie

    Any active members from Mumbai?
    Interested in meeting some experienced CEans in our city :D
  4. Harshad Italiya


    We have many CEans from Mumbai and we also have CE-Mumbai meet last year.
  5. chithrachennai

    chithrachennai Apprentice

    hey guys am an M.E student pls update informations abt conferences and valid workshops in n around chennai
  6. chithrachennai

    chithrachennai Apprentice

    guys no reply huh :( plz do post conferences and workshop details in and around chennai this ll only fetch me a good job :thumbsup:

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