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A Common Agenda For CE City Meets

Discussion in 'TechFests | Conferences | Expos | Meets' started by Kaustubh Katdare, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. durga

    durga Star

    I seem to have missed this thread. May be starting small here is the mantra. I think one of the activities would be to discuss latest interest or a hobby of ones choice.
  2. Kaustubh Katdare


    What do you think about the initiatives we're planning?
  3. Reya

    Reya Ace

    So the date is finalized?
  4. Kaustubh Katdare


    No, but I'd like to have the agenda finalized by the end of this year. We *must* conduct City Meets. That's the only way to move forward as a community. I'm even in touch with the organizers of an engineering camp at Gadchiroli District in Maharashtra where we (CEans) can go and find out the problems people are facing. Then we can post those problems as 'challenges' to our CEans online and come up with a solution. Then another team can actually work on implementing those solutions.

    I think we must *start* somewhere with the new agenda. We don't want 2012 to be like 2011.
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  5. Dancer_Engineer

    Dancer_Engineer Apprentice

    Where can I find some information about the previous CE Meets?
    I have no idea how these Meets are conducted.

    How about a 'Techinical Quiz Contest'?
  6. durga

    durga Star

    short talks and project idea discussios seems good one, but I am not sure how many of them have projects of self interest???may be discussing about other's project or interesting projects what one might have come across would do?
  7. Kaustubh Katdare


    The idea is to find out what our engineers are working on. Most of the projects I encounter are actually ready-made; developed by professionals and sold to engineering students.

    We won't necessarily 'discuss' projects. But just listen to what's being worked on.

    What else can we do?
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  8. Ankita Katdare


    We are stuck in this thread here.
    Decide the date for Bangalore meet on a weekend in January. Suggest a place in the middle of the city.
    Lets start a headcount of people attending.
  9. ash


    I will be in Delhi between 24 Feb - 28 Feb for vacation.. hope we can set up a CE Meet during this time :) If we are planning to do talks, I don't mind sharing some of my experience as a WiMAX/LTE engineer.. or even as an entrepreneur too :p
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  10. durga

    durga Star

    week end please :p
  11. Praveen-Kumar

    Praveen-Kumar Knight

    Anytime in Chennai? Anyone?
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  12. Kaustubh Katdare


    The agenda is still not final. We need to decide it once and then follow it. Having an aim for meet will definitely help in gathering CEans and also make the meet more interesting.

    I know - no one likes boring talks or speeches. But our own CEans talking about their own experiences, projects for not more than 5 minutes would certainly be interesting. What say? What else can we do?
  13. Praveen-Kumar

    Praveen-Kumar Knight

    We shall have a casual meet up, games and fun at the beach, going to the mall and shop for goodies, and finally, using Sodexo power, lets have something to eat... What say???
  14. rajakunth

    rajakunth Newbie

    i also want to join:)
  15. deepu11111111

    deepu11111111 Apprentice

    Good idea
    The meets will help upcoming engineers like me to buildup our careers
    I am from Guntur . Any one here for cool meet in hot summer:coffee:
  16. Yep , from chennai Im up and active !!! also like minded people can talk about ideas and engineering based startups ! since engg startups are in hibernation ...
  17. Ankita Katdare


    We have to start arranging meet-ups in our own city and cities reachable to us. Anyone up for one in their own city?
  18. deepu11111111

    deepu11111111 Apprentice

    Yes AbraKaDabra , i am from Guntur , Andhra Pradesh . I am interested in taking the responsibility to arrange the meet meet . It is near to Vijayavada , Ongol and other districts .
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  19. Ankita Katdare


    This is great. Start a thread in CE-Events section and invite people to attend it on a weekend. You decide the date and the agenda. If there are not enough people on CE from your area, you can arrange a meet among all your Engineer friends by asking them to at least register on CE and get a CE id.
    All of us CEans will suggest you ideas regarding the meet once you take an initiative. :thumbsup:

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