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CrazyEngineers Editorial Team

Meet the CrazyEngineers editorial team

Meet The Editorial Team

CrazyEngineers editorial team comprises of authors passionate about latest happenings in the vast world of engineering, technology and science. All the content we publish is carefully crafted by our talented authors to provide you with the latest and the best that helps you stay ahead.
You can contact us here: editor@crazyengineers.com

Ankita Katdare

She is a Computer Science engineer by profession with a natural flair for tech writing. Working as the editor-in-chief, she has been writing for CrazyEngineers for several years now. The best place to find her is in front of her MacBook.

Kaustubh Katdare

He is crazy about gadgets and blogging. He enjoys playing guitar & calling himself an entrepreneur. He has spoken at various conferences like TEDx, has judged B-Plan and personality contests and was one of the 5 bloggers who were invited to Israel as a part of 'Once In A Lifetime' program.

Smriti Jha

Funny person. Coder in exile. Perpetual interests include Games, TV, Music, Movies and Books. Real-life wishlist includes Cycling, Squash and Skating. Bearer of unpopular opinion on everything pop-culture. Science fiction is the best.

Ambarish Ganesh

He's the Peter-Parker-injected-with-mild-Rajinikanthisms, whose spidey-fit shape is due to his exercising free will (moderately), pushing a lot of already overused luck, swinging trapezes over nonsense, lifting light weights of usual responsibilities and kicking ass. Also writes @ Indian Nerve.

Satya Swaroop Dash

Known among his friends for organizing media files and troubleshooting PCs and cell phones, having faced the world of gadgets as a kid, he has been in love ever since. Writes a creative piece now and then when feeling sleepy but experiences enthusiasm and relaxation while covering technology.

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