Hunt for India's Best Academic Project (Applications Open)

CrazyEngineers has announced Hunt for India's Best Academic Project - a mega projects competition open to all THIRD and FINAL year engineering students from ALL engineering branches. Prizes worth Rs. 80,000+ are ready to be won!

Deadline: 28 February 2015 (11:59 PM)  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CrazyEngineers Forum structure?

CrazyEngineers Forum is divided into following broad categories -
  • CE Headquarters
  • Technical Discussions
  • Laboratory
  • Education Corner
  • General Discussions
  • Help Center
  • Lounge
Each category is further divided into various sections that cater to various popular topics.
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What is Trophy System On CrazyEngineers?

As you go on contributing to the CrazyEngineers Community with your new posts, replies and receive positive ratings from the fellow members, your reputation grows.

Your contribution to the community earns you points and these points also fetch you a 'Title' that you can proudly flaunt below your username.

Check how many points signify which titles -

0 - Certified CEan
Congratulations, you are now a certified CEan - an official member of CrazyEngineers.

1 - Newbie
You're now a newbie! 5 more posts for the next trophy!

1 - Apprentice
Great! Keep posting! Try to get positive ratings to your posts to get the next trophy.

3 - Rookie
Congrats! You are a CE Rookie! Keep up the good work!

5 - Enthusiast
You are a CE Enthusiast! Earn 25 positive ratings on 50+ posts to become 'Addict'.

10 - Addict
Addicted to CE? We knew it! Congrats!

30 - Maniac
You're a CE Maniac. That's a wonderful thing that can happen to any CEan. Enjoy your maniac status.

50 - Ace
ACE! You're an asset to CrazyEngineers!

100 - Star
You are a star! Not everyone enjoys this status here. You're special, boss!

300 - Knight
You've achieved knighthood on CrazyEngineers. We salute you!

500 - Mentor
You are a gift to engineering community. A true CEan who will guide other engineers around the world.

1000 - Guru
Guru - the one above everyone else in the world. You're the one!

1000 - Sensei
The Guru of the Gurus - CE Sensei!

2000 - Baron
It's your destiny to become the greatest engineer walked on the Earth. You're a CE Baron!

5000 - Lord
Final Destination On CE. Let there be light, Lord!

What is SmallTalk?

CrazyEngieers SmallTalk is a series of interviews with notable personalities and leading faces in the engineering and technology domain.

On the SmallTalk section we have some really awesome interviews to present with engineers that have revolutionized the 21st century innovation and research.

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What is VoiCE?

CrazyEngineers VoiCE is our official technology news blog that focuses on latest gadgets, gizmos, technological research, hardware and software, mechanical and civil engineering et al.

We have a dedicated team of editors and writers who work around the clock to bring you the latest news in shortest time possible.

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What is CrazyEngineers all about?

CrazyEngineers, aka CE, is on the mission of uniting engineers across the world so that they have a common platform for sharing ideas, knowledge & helping each other.

Today, engineers from various disciplines & countries contribute to CE.

CE boasts of ever-increasing number of engineers who are entrepreneurs, CEOs, students, professors, techies & geeks.

We are a crazy-yet-professional community of engineers. We call ourselves - CEans!

How to subscribe to trending topics?

Go to -

Opposite the tag/topic you're looking for, click on 'Watch Tag'

Also, if you want the topics of one particuar section, say 'Computer Science | IT | Networking', open that category.
You will see on top of the list a link called 'Watch Forum'.
Use it to get latest posts and update from that category.

How can I advertise on CrazyEngineers?

CrazyEngineers Community is full of young and enthusiastic engineering students and professionals.

To get the complete information on how you can advertise on and to download the media kit, head over to -

How to add my project to this site?

1. Go to CrazyEngineers Projects Section in the Menu Bar -

2. Click on the 'ADD PROJECT' button and select the appropriate category and click continue.

3. Fill out the form with appropriate details i.e. Title, One line summary, Description, images, video URL and a list of skills and technologies used.

4. When you click the 'Save' button the project gets added to the site for public viewing.

How to upload a file in Downloads section?

In the main menu, select 'Downloads'.


Here you'd find an 'Add Resource' button.

Click on it, select the category in which your resource belongs.


You shall be redirected to a new window where you'll have to add the Title, Tagline and Description of your resource.

Once all these requirements are fulfilled, click on 'Save', and it's done.

To download, go to Downloads section, select the file you wish to download, and click on the 'Download Now' button.

It's mandatory that you remain logged in to download any resource from CrazyEngineers.

How to post a message on a member's profile/wall?

Click on the member's username, after which a pop-up with their details appears.

Click on their name in the pop-up again to land on their profile page.

Here you'll see a text-box where you can write your text and the member will be notified of it.

How to send a personal message to any member?

When logged-in, you can see the 'Inbox' option right next to your username. Here -


Select 'Start a new conversation' link that appears in the drop-down.


and you can send a private message to any CrazyEngineer by adding these details -


How to use the report option?

Every member of CrazyEngineers community has a right to report a spam/illegitimate/unworthy post to the Administrator & the Moderators, so that immediate action can be taken to move/edit/delete it.

To do so, you can use the 'REPORT' Option under the posts.

A pop-up will appear as follows, where you can state the reason why you think there's something wrong with this post.

Using it will immediately notify the Moderators about it.

How To Use 'Reply With Quote' Option?

Whenever you want to quote another member's post in your reply, just click on the 'Reply' button under that member's post. See here -


Once you do that, you will see this in your reply section.


You can edit it to reflect the portion of text that you want to quote.

How to upload or change your own Avatar?

  1. Move your cursor on your name on the menu bar. A drop down will appear.
  2. Click on 'Avatar'
  3. This screen will show you your current Avatar. This could be empty if you are looking at it for the first time.
  4. Click on 'Choose File' and select an image from your computer.
  5. Click on 'Save Changes'.

How to Add a Poll in your Discussion?

If you want to add a poll to conduct a survey or take opinions from the community members, you can add a Poll to your discussion.

You will find this option just below the "Create Discussion" page.

It looks like this -


Enter the following details:
1. Title for your Poll's Question.
2. Add multiple options for the choices you want to provide.
3. Check the appropriate boxes to suit your criteria.

How to use the 'Watch Threads' Option?

The "Watch Thread" Option is similar to "Subscribe to a Thread" Option.
Basically, this option can be used to start receiving notifications about the specific threads you are concerned about.

To do this, use the "Watch Discussion" Option as shown below -


Once you click it, a pop-up will appear that lets you choose whether you want to receive email notifications for this thread or not.

It looks like this -


How to upload or attach images to your post?

Step 1: Go to thread create or advance edit mode. You will see this -


Step 2: Select the file on your computer.

Step 3: The image uploads and a thumbnail is created.

If you choose 'Thumbnail' option, then the image will be inserted in the post as a thumbnail. Clicking on the image will open original image.

If you choose the 'Full Image' button, then the image will be inserted in the post as a full image. For example, the images in this post are all inserted by using 'Full Image' option.

If you do not choose any option, then the image will be attached as an 'attachment'.

How to start a new discussion?

1. Starting A New Discussion

1. Find out the most appropriate section to start your discussion topic.
2. To start your own discussion, click on the 'Start New Discussion' Button on the top right corner of the screen. -


2. Write down an appropriate "Title" and "Description".
(You may add images/videos)


3. Create Your Discussion.
Use these buttons to submit your discussion thread or preview it before you submit it.


What is CE Community's Culture & Philosophy?

We are a community of engineers. CE is read and used by engineers who are as old as 10 & as young as 70.

CE culture & philosophy can be summarized in following points –
  • Respect every member of the community
  • Do not get involved into any kind of illegal activities like -
Asking for serial numbers/ cracks for commercial software
Encourage unethical hacking or cracking
Illegally share music/videos/books without proper permissions from authors

How to manage alerts and notifications?

In the top menu bar, hover over your username and you will get this drop-down -


Select Alert preferences and then select the checkboxes to set the alerts mode as you wish.